Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Milkman Always Rings Twice

About a month ago, my mom discovered Oberweis Dairy, which still offers home delivery. We both thought this was super neat and also really liked that fact that all their dairy products come from Midwest farmers and their eggs are free range. Today we got our second delivery and this contained our first order of milk. You can get your milk in either traditional plastic bottles or glass. The glass bottles have a deposit of like a dollar or two and you can keep them and not get your deposit back. Instead of placing the bottles in metal racks, Oberweis provides coolers in an effort to keep the milk from spoiling. I can't tell you how cool it was to be waiting around for the "milkman" to come this morning!

Does anyone have this kind of service in their town?


Va-Voom Vintage's Giveaway

Attention all vintage gals!!! Brittany over at Va-Voom Vintage is hosting this fabulous giveaway. I just love vintage compacts and lipstick holders!! And what girl doesn't love a great handbag?! Do take a minute and check out her sweet blog and tell her Emily sent you! :)


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Double Chocolate Mint Cake and a Review

This past weekend was filled with birthdays. On Saturday was a surprise birthday party for my friend Andy and Sunday was my dad's birthday. My other friend was hosting the party at her place, so I offered to make the cake. I took this opportunity to try out some of the cake making stuff I purchased for a cake decorating class that I never got to take because they canceled it. I also wanted to try out doing some cake stuff I had never done before. This included leveling the cakes, using my decorating tools, and experimenting with fondant. All in all, I think things went pretty well, especially since I have never made a double layer cake before and my frosting skills are horrible. I normally pride myself in being a pretty good baker, but cakes have never been one of my specialties. That's why I was so excited this cake came out pretty decent enough to make an appearance on this blog!

The cake itself is chocolate -- I just used a Duncan Hines mix, they are the best and the most moist in my opinion. The frosting is the Wilton brand for decorating, which I didn't find any major differences between this and the cans you get at the supermarket. The little green discs are the fondant, which I made and dyed myself. I don't recommend this, the mess isn't worth it. I would just rather spend the extra $3 and get the ready made stuff. The green frosting was on sale, it was mint flavored. A lot of people said the cake tasted like an Andes Mint.

Okay, so on to my review of the cake leveler. This thing is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I was really skeptical, thinking it wouldn't do what it said it would. It seriously cut through the cake like butter. It's definitely worth the $4 or $5 that it cost. I would get it even if you don't do a lot of baking, it's seriously that good!

If anyone is interesting, I am thinking I might do a post on how I used the leveler, got the cake frosted, and put together. I haven't taken any classes, but learned some things through trial and error on this attempt and would love to share my experience.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Film Fashion Friday: 2 Lesser Known WWII Period Films

To finish out my self imposed theme-ing of March, I decided to select two lesser known period films that take place around WWII. Neither one is an excellent example of fashion, hairstyles, or even superb filmmaking. However, I think each film offers up something worth while making it valid to at least look at. Plus if you have a weak spot for romance, no matter how corny or over dramatic it is, you'll probably enjoy these films.

The Rising Place (2001)
I discovered this film shortly after it came out and I was hooked ever since. I probably have rented this film tens of times, that it was only logical that I should purchase it today while I was shopping around my local video store's sales of used DVDs. I might be slightly biased because the main character's name is Emily, but I just adore this film. The hair and costume isn't always spot on, but I think one could take a lot of inspiration from the cute little calico overalls Emily wears at the beginning of the film. My computer decided it didn't want to work to let me pull some images off the DVD, but these overalls are so cute and I love how they paired them with the blouse with trim at the sleeves. Anyways, the film tells the story of a niece who discovers her aunt's old letters from the 1940's. The rest of the story is then told through a series of flashbacks, where we really get to learn a lot about Emily. I just love how cute and somewhat atypical the storyline is: young girl becomes pregnant with a soldier's baby and must live her life despite the consequences and opinions of on lookers. It's available through Netflix, but I am sure many video rental places have it as well.

Hearts of War (2007)
I just discovered this film today, while I was strolling the isles, looking for one more movie to complete my five for five dollar deal. Many of the reviews online don't favor this film very well, and I can see why. It is a bit like a LifeTime movie and the plot is pretty weak, jumping through time without a lot of explanations. But, if you can look past that and the lack of brilliant actors I think you'll really enjoy this movie...especially if you are into any WWII or 40s related. The story is about a German soldier who falls for a Jewish girl and their struggle to be together and stay alive. I found the storyline pretty engaging; I was on the edge of my seat to see if the two would actually end up together. I also really enjoyed the vintage burlesque scene towards the end of the film -- those costumes were well executed. This movie can be viewed online through Netflix. Even if it is not the best example of a period film, I really enjoyed the touching story of one man's love for a women, even if that's slightly corny as well!

I would love some ideas for future Film Fashion Friday's posts!!


Digger Sale Favorites

This week has just flown by! I was planning on posting this earlier this week and am just now getting around to must be all the nicer weather we have been experiencing here. Anyways, here are nine of my favorite finds from the digger sale I attended last weekend. I wanted to include the 40's satin coverlet and barkcloth drapes, however they are at the dry cleaners. They would have been my top two! :)

1. This was the first thing I spotted at the sale. It's a great table cloth, I think it was only used once. I just love yellow and pineapples!!

2. I have been wanting one of these aprons for a long time and found it underneath a ton of clothes. It was all crumpled up and had tons of stains, but I got most of them out. Isn't this so cute?

3. I couldn't believe that there was four whole yards of the pink fabric with the white sunflowers. I am either going to make a two piece dress or play suit with it. Any thoughts? The green piece with flower boarder looked like a flour sack but had a drawstring around the top like a skirt would have. Regardless what it was originally used for, I bought it to turn it into curtains.
4. This was the first item I spotted when I started to shop downstairs after I collected as much of the vintage clothes left as I could. I don't know if that blue thing is suppose to be for sunglasses, but that's how I found it, with the sunglasses in it. Does anyone know what it used for?

5. I pretty much cleaned out the jewelry that was left. I loved the trench art pin. I think my mom might end up with it because her name starts with an A. I don't know if you can see that little star, but it dangles!! I also snatched up that Navy inspired plastic necklace. It is going to look nice with my Navy pants I got a while back.

6. That's pretty much the rest of the jewelry I picked up. The lady who lived in the home worked for Hudson's (Macys) during the 40s through the 60s and never passed up a sale. Many items were new old stock. This was the case with those cute twin birdie brooches. The earrings sparkle soooo much!! And can you see the WWII sterling silver forget-me-not bracelet? It needs a few more links, but I was super excited about finding that!
7. This would probably have to be my favorite find clothing wise. I have been looking for a pair of vintage shorts and these just need a new zipper. I was really thrilled that I found a matching blouse at the sale.

8. This is the purse that took to the vintage clothing expo, which I received many compliments on. :) It is a great little bag, with a great combination of the straw and pearlized Lucite. It was practically brand new, just needed some freshening up. It's already a spring favorite!

9. This is hands down my favorite find of the day!!! I have been on the lookout for a vintage clock for my room. This one just needed a new cord and it started ticking away, thanks to my dad for replacing the cord. It also lights up!!! I'm already enjoying it and it keeps excellent time!!

Hope you all find some lovely sales this weekend!!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vintage Clothing Expo Update

Yesterday's trip to the vintage clothing expo was a major success!! I found some really great stuff and was able to even cross a few things off my wish list!! I just love when that happens. The weather was a bit more chilly than I had hoped, but I wore this outfit as planned anyways. The dress came from the farmhouse sale and it such a pretty blue color with pink and green plaid print. (I would have left it color, but it was so sunny out that the expression on my face is not quite flattering). The purse is a sneak peak at the stuff I found at the digger sale this weekend. I also set my newly cut hair in pin curls. I finally got a correct middy haircut and I am in love!!

1. A 40s New Look Dress: I spotted this dress when we walked in, but there was no price and the owner of the booth was no where to be found. I decided I would just check and see if it was still there on my way out. It was and I snagged it for a mere $25!! It is cut in such a flattering way and check out that fabulous beading.

2. Vintage Now Old Stock Sunglasses: My mom found these and convinced me that a gal can never have too many sunglasses. They are so cute on and I am really digging the contrast of the white sides with the black fronts.

3. Late 50s Sun Dress: I found this and number five in the same booth. I don't know why we didn't stop into this booth first because the ladies had spectacular prices. Maybe it's a good thing we found it last, otherwise I wouldn't have had any more money left!! I had been looking for a dress that would compliment my tooled leather wedges better than the dress I wore it with last time and this dress fit the bill. Plus I really liked that the entire upper back portion is smocking and the inside features a makeshift bra to accommodate for the low back. I can already tell this will be a summer favorite.

4. A 20s Oriental Raw Silk Jacket: I have been wanting to incorporate more diversity into my vintage clothing. I really love the 30s-50s, but lately I have been feeling the need to branch out a bit. I love the robes from the 20s that have this look to them, however they are not in my budget right now. That's why I was so excited to find this jacket. It has the look of the popular Oriental robes but with a more versatile wearability. Plus its raw silk and only cost $40!!

5. A 50s Fur Trimmed Sweater: This has been a wish list item for a very long time. These come up on eBay quite a bit, but I can never seen to win one. I also saw a lot of these at this expo but all the dealers were asking prices in the $100 range, which I think is kinda steep for a sweater that is pretty common. I almost didn't even look at this one because I figured it would be out of my prince range, but then again all the this booth's prices were extremely reasonable. So, for only $38 bucks it came home with me.

I just want to do a little shout out to the ladies from this booth. They traveled from Wisconsin to sell at this show and said they do quite the business there. I am not surprised. With most of the other booth charging so much for their vintage items (and some of the stuff they were calling vintage was from the 80s) it's no wonder these gals made the sales they did. One of the owners, Suzanne, was telling me that her target consumer is girls like me, who want stylish vintage without having to pay a fortune. She also said she travels the U.S. to find her vintage. They have a website, From Regal to Retro and I recommend visiting them. Suzanne said they don't have a lot up there, but if you are looking for something to send them an email and they will be happy to work with you. They also travel to do shows, so maybe they will be coming to your area.


Outfit Details

Dress and Purse: Estate Sales
Shoes: ReMix via Amazon
Sweater: American Eagle

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Lazy Day Outfit

Today, my mom and I are attending this vintage clothing and jewelry expo and I am soooooo excited!! :) I have been saving my money for weeks now and can't wait to see what the show has to offer. I'll post an update with any finds!

Anyways, I wanted to share this outfit I wore the other day when I was running a few errands. The top is really blousy, I think it might even be a vintage maternity top, but I love it just the same. I didn't want to get lost in the top, so I paired it with a belt and it gave it kinda a peplum effect, which makes me think I could get away with doing this to other vintage maternity tops. I always find them for so cheap and always pass them up because I not at that stage in my life yet. Any thoughts?

Oh... and I also went to this super packed digger sale yesterday and found lots of great stuff. Look for a post on this too! I was so happy yesterday -- this sale was crazy good!


Outfit Details

Blouse: eBay
Shoes: Estate Sale
Pants: Target
Belt: Off Another Dress

Film Fashion Friday: Netflix Instants

It seems that I have a theme going for March, featuring a few films from selected specific areas. This week I am focusing on some of the films you can stream instantly through Netflix. I love Netflix and have been very happy with their service. It's also really nice that they have a lot of great classics to stream live from your computer or PS3. If you haven't tried Netflix before, I highly recommend taking advantage of their free trial. If anything, you will have access to a plethora of instant films, including the ones featured in this post.

I absolutely adore this first film, Father's Little Dividend (1951). It's a really cute film with some classic '50s looks designed by one of my favorites -- Helen Rose (please pardon my miss-spelled name in the photo). I love the cast in this film too, which includes Elizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tracy, and Billie Burke.

The next film, My Man Godfrey (1936), is often considered among the best of the screwball comedies and I fully agree. I love the premise of the story: a rich man decides to take a job as a butler and then falls into a love triangle of sorts. Plus the on-screen chemistry between William Powell and Carole Lombard is hard to miss. If you are into '30s glamour and haven't seen this film yet, you definitely need to check it out! The gowns by Brymer are simply divine!!

The last film for this week is Cleopatra (1963). I decided to add this one in becuase it was recently just added to the instant section and I feel the wonderful make-up by Alberto De Rossi makes it worth watching. The costumes were designed by two different people; Novarese took care of the men and Renie designed for the women. This film made me really get into the egyptian look because I felt the costumes were more egyptian inspired than authentic, plus Liz has like a million costume changes!!

Since I sorta have a self imposed mini series going on, next week will conclude the weekly themes for Film Fashion Friday and the following week I will return to more normal posts. Keep sending in your requests!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Giveaway Winner!!!!

The winner is Ana!!! Congrats!!! Send me an email with your address and I will get your package out in the mail.

Thank you to everyone that entered and promoted this giveaway through their blogs, Facebooks, and Twitter accounts. I also want to thank those of you who become new followers!! I so glad to have met some new vintage bloggers!! :)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Estate Sales For Beginners

Recently, I have had a few inquiries for some advice for attending estate sales when you are starting out. I thought this was a great idea for a post, so here are some tips.

***I just want to say in advance, I am by no means an expert. The tips I am sharing are just some things I have learned over the past few years I have been attending estate sales.***

Some Terms To Know

*Street Numbers*
These are numbers that either the first person at the sale or the company holding the sale itself provides for attendees to keep order in line. This allows for people to take a number and not be forced to stand in line to keep your place. While this is great for days when it snows and is cold outside, some companies do not like the idea of people getting to the sale the night before and passing out numbers only to have people get their spot in line and return home or go out and grab a coffee. That is why some sales do not allow street numbers.

*Tag Sale*
I know in Michigan, most sales are never labeled as a "tag sale," but I know other states call their estate sales, tag sales. This term is hard to define as just one thing, so I am sure it depends on what area you live in. Some people might consider a garage sale a tag sale, so make sure you do your homework before the sale. interchanges tag sale with estate sale, so it may be in your best interest to call ahead of time to double check.

*Digger Sale*
If a sale is advertised as a "digger sale" this means that many of the items will probably NOT be priced. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Most of time you get a price for how much you buy more so than what you buy, i.e. the more you buy the better the price. Digger sales can be fun, if you like to investigate things and be a bit nosey in some else's home. They can get pretty dirty, as most of the stuff has been in storage for years and many companies recommend you bring along a flashlight. A flashlight can be helpful when you are in basements, garages, and attics even if it isn't a digger sale.

*Everything Must Go Sale*
In my experience, these sales have been quickly put together and don't last as long as regular estates sales. Because these sales must clear out everything, they are more likely to accept offers for their customers and will be more inclined to take a lower offer if you are paying in cash. If a sale is advertised as everything must go, be ready to wheel and deal with the people running the sale!

*Bag Sale*
This normally happens on the last day of a sale. The company running the sale will sell bags for a certain amount, most commonly $5, and allow you to fill the bag for that flat rate. Pay attention to what areas the home are allowed in the bag sale because sometimes the company will only allow you to take items from certain rooms. I have gotten a lot of awesome deals at bag sales. So don't think just because it's the last day there won't be anything left. A lot of the over priced sales in my area do bag sales, which means that a lot of good merchandise is still left because of high prices.

Some Basic Tips For Beginners

*How an Estate Sale Works*
An estate sale normally happens when someone has passed away and the family need to clean out the home for sale or to pass onto someone else. Estate sales can start anytime in the week, but most commonly start on a Thursday or Friday and continue on into the weekend. While not all companies accept street numbers, most do. In my opinion, it really makes sales run more smoothly, especially if there is a lot of great vintage stuff there and has drawn a large crowd. Anyways, street numbers are normally only done on the first day of the sale, when there are likely to be the most people. Most sales only let a select number of people inside a sale at a time (this is most prevalent on the firsts and last days when there are the most people).

Once inside the sale, many companies have lists posted on the walls that outlines how much everything costs. This allows for them to put a flat price on common items such as plates and glasses and take more time to price out the more special items.

Most companies will not barter on the first day, although don't be shy. If an item is stained or missing a piece and you feel it's too high, just ask if they could do any better. If you are buying a lot of stuff, they might just knock a dollar or two off.

A lot of people like to bring their own reusable shopping bags with them. Some companies don't allow this, so if you aren't sure, it might be a good idea to call and check. I normally only bring bags to sales I know I am going to buy a lot at. It makes it easier to tote everything around the sale without having to say every five seconds, "That pile is mine."

Keep in mind that if you put something down, it's out of your hands. I have been known to carry stuff around with me until I am done with looking at the whole sale and then evaluate what exactly I want to purchase. It never hurts to hold onto it because once you set it down, you can't claim it.

Also keep in mind that people at these sales are very competitive and can be vicious. Now, not all people are like this, but you may experience someone just grabbing everything and not giving others a chance. You really have to be assertive and avoid being too shy. If you really want something you see, make sure you make your way to it, because that lady grabbing everything in sight is not caring what others think of her, she's there to get what she wants.

Make sure when buying clothing you check for stains and holes. I always hold my garments up into the light to check for holes. It's the easiest way to find the tiny little moths holes that you may not notice until you get home. When buying glassware, I normally carefully run my fingers along the edges to feel for chips.

It's a good idea to bring a flashlight and be prepared to use cash as your main method of payment. Some companies allow checks (mostly instate with an ID) or credit cards over a certain amount of money. Some even charge a 3-5% fee for using the card.

*Where to Find Sales*
The internet is one of the best places to find estate sales. I mainly use, but will occasionally check is a site dedicated to estate sale listings. Companies have to pay to get their sale advertised and most of the listings contain pictures and details about the items at the sale. In my opinion, this is the best place to search for an estate sale because of how much detail is in each listing. You can also go directly to a company's website to find out when their next sale is. You may also be able to find sales by looking in the news paper.

*Get to Know the Companies*
I can't stress enough how beneficial it can be to get to know your local estate sale companies. I have a mental list of the different companies in my area and how their pricing ranks. This can be helpful when you are deciding between two different sales that begin on the same day. I normally go to the company's sale that is priced cheaper first and then will go to the higher priced sale later in the day or week. It also helps to know which companies are more inclined to bargain with you and which sales take which forms of payment. The sales listed on normally state whether or not they accept check or credit cards and if they accept street numbers. Knowing your companies can also help when it comes to bag sales and last day discounts. Companies don't always advertise these, so being a frequent customer will help you get a feel for how much they discount on the days following the first day and if they hold a bag sale. Some companies also only deal with certain kinds of estates. I know there is one company in my area that does mostly contemporary stuff, so I tend to by pass their sales.

*The Early Bird Get the Worm*
Just as in any other avenue of vintage shopping, being early pays off. Bigger sales, the ones that have tons and tons of vintage items, are going to draw in tons of people. There are a few tricks to these sales, in my opinion anyway. I first evaluate the sale -- is it one I am willing to wake up super early for? Is there enough vintage stuff that I am into? Is it a company with good prices? Those types of questions. If the answers are yes, then I will attend the sale on the first day and try be as close to the front of the line as possible. If it's a company that normally charges more money than I am willing to pay, I won't go unto the second or last day. That way I won't feel bad about missing out on something. Now, if it's a sale I just have to go to, I make sure I get their really early. Sometimes I will drive by the night before and see if someone is passing out numbers. Then I will have my place in line and I can sleep in!! Most of the time though, I just get to the sale 3-4 hours before the sale is set to open and get my number. This has been a pretty good gauge for me. If the sale is like the farmhouse sale I went to, I got there like 5 or 6 hours before. I know it sounds crazy, but estate sale people are crazy!! Most companies do allow for street numbers and once you get yours, you are free to do something else (even if some people frown upon it, who cares!!) until the sale starts...just make sure you get back about a half hour before the sale is set to open because sometimes they'll open early -- now always but occasionally. I always remember why I am going to a sale -- what items I am looking for at that specific sale and to head for those first, then I will look at the rest of what the sale has to offer.

In closing, the best way to get to know your way around estate sales is to just keep going. The more you go, the more you will learn about how sales work in your area. Some places might have tons of great items in rural areas, but the city sales are duds. In Southeastern Michigan, both rural and urban areas produce good sales, so I know to check out every sale that is listed. It seems here that the suburbs tend to have more of the duds, but it's not always the case. Just keep working at it and you will no doubt become a pro!!

If I missed anything important or you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vintage Nail Buffer at Sally's

So the other day when I was making a quick run to Sally's for some bobby pins, I came across this nail buffer that was identical to many of the vintage ones that would come in vanity sets. Sally's Beauty Supply is just one of those places you can't just go in for one thing and only leave with that one thing! Anywho, I picked up this repro buffer just for the the suede-like material that looked almost exactly like the one I removed from my vintage buffer. I thought I would just share with you how I changed mine, even though it's pretty easy and self explanatory.

1. This is just a picture to show how much larger the new one was verses the vintage one I already owned. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to find this! I have been looking for a replacement for a while because I removed the old one on the vintage piece for sanitary reasons.

2. This repro just had a hair tie keeping the material on the buffer. It was also very lightly glued in, but came off easily.

3. I placed the material on the vintage buffer, by putting one tapered end where it would naturally go. I then placed the hair tie on to secure it while I trimmed around the edge.

4. This is the finished product. Apparently, according to the repro's package there are replacement pieces of material, although I didn't see any while I was at Sally's. I think I am going to ask the next time I am in because it cost me $7 for the whole thing and I don't want to keep buying the buffer if I don't need to.

I hope this was helpful!! :)


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Favorite Wrap Dress

Last night I had a family outing to attend and was super excited because we have been experiencing some warmer weather here in Michigan. This meant I could finally break out some of my spring time dresses!! I just love this dress. It's a homemade wrap dress dating to the 1950's. It has one pocket on the right hand side and even features a "privacy" button around the bust area where the dress closes. This dress was skillfully made and the cotton is still very crisp.

Just a little outfit post for today! And don't forget, Monday at midnight Eastern time my giveaway closes, so you still have a chance to enter or get your extra entries in!

Dress: Mother Fletchers
Shoes: Estate Sale
Belt: Kohls
Clutch Bag: Grandma's


Friday, March 12, 2010

Film Fashion Friday: In the Theaters

The other day I was thinking about movies that have come out in the last few months and it made me realize just how many have been period films. Going off of that, I thought this would be a great topic for Film Fashion Friday this week -- what's in the theaters.

The first film is one I recommend to everyone, even if you aren't into '60s fashion. An Education is such a visually beautiful film, taking place in England in the city and some scene in the countryside. I loved how they showed Jenny's transformation from a cute high school girl into a fashionable young woman. This film is based on a memoir and is a true coming of age story. I give it three thumbs up for both the film as a whole and the fashion within the film! Just to let you all know, this film is being released to dvd on March 30th. I can't wait!!
A Single Man is another visually stunning picture that follows a man who has just lost his long time lover/partner. While it is mostly focused around Colin Firth's character, the supporting cast and extras were dressed impeccably as well. I really enjoyed Ginnifer Goodwin's outfits in the few scenes she was shown it. I expect this movie to be released on DVD soon, especially since the Oscars are over with. It is also still being run in some art house theaters in my neighborhood, so you might still be able to catch it on the big screen.
I just saw this film last night and I gotta say I was really impressed. I had heard how good it was, but I always try to go into a movie with no expectations, as so I can make my own judgement about a film. Again, I felt this was a very visually beautiful picture (hmmm.. looks like a trend!), which kinda works nice as a juxtaposition between the troubled-sad story line. There aren't a lot of costume changes, but I still wanted to include this film because the ones that are included are really great. Plus, Sandy Powell just won the Oscar for costume design for her work with The Young Victoria. If you are into thrillers or a Hitchcock fan, this film would be for you.

I missed this film when it was playing at the art house by me, but I have heard really great things about it. Considering it was made like year and a half ago and it took forever to release in the United States, I am hoping it will be released on DVD soon. I know it's still making its rounds at art theaters around the U.S. so if you get a chance, check it out and let me know how it is!

These two films above have just been released on DVD; Paris 36 can be streamed lived through Netflix. Both look really good. I am waiting for A Serious Man to arrive in the mail, so I haven't seen it yet, but I adore the Coen Brothers! I didn't even know about Paris 36 until I was watching the Oscars and it was one of the nominees. Just from the few clips I saw on the Oscars, which really showed a lot of fantastic costumes, made me want to see this film. I hope to get a chance to watch it this weekend.

I hope this was a nice change to Film Fashion Friday and maybe gave you a film suggestion for the next time you are headed to the theatre.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

90 Years Ago Today....

...My cute Grandma was born!! I can't believe she is 90, only a decade away from a century. Her older sister lived to be 95, she passed away in 2008.

Even though I had an older Grandma than majority of my peers going up, I wouldn't trade her for a younger one. I really feel she is a major reason why I developed a love for old things. When I would have sleep overs, Grandma would love to recount all the times she visited her Grandma on the family farm in Canada. She would tell me about all the different things they did on the farm and how she would play the organ for her Grandma, who called her Maggie. When I got a little older, Grandma brought out the letters she had saved that her Grandma wrote her. I loved reading them and dreaming about what it must have been like back then.
Even though Grandma has become pretty forgetful in the last two years, she can still remember her time spent on the farm like it was yesterday. I guess it's true, somethings you never forget!


Outfit Details

Dress: Mother Fletchers
Shoes & Purse: eBay
Sweater & Belt: Target
Earrings: Estate Sale

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Milestones and Tiramisu

This past weekend, my family and I went out to celebrate my Grandma's upcoming 90th birthday, which is tomorrow! We went out to a semi fancy Italian restaurant and we all enjoyed some yummy Italian dishes. My favorite part is the tiramisu, which is something I have always wanted to try making...maybe I'll get it around to it one of these days.

I took this outing as a chance to debut one of the nicer dresses I got at the farmhouse sale. This dress is made out of lovely material in a great paisley print. My mom found it at the sale and I instantly loved it, and who wouldn't for only $5. :)

Tomorrow we will have a nice quiet dinner at home, since Grandma saw a lot of excitement this weekend. She is so cute. The last few days she has been asking if it was her birthday yet when she woke up. Tomorrow when she asks, we'll finally get to say yes.

I want to send a thank-you out to all the bloggers who have been putting the word out about my giveaway, especially Inky and Miss Cherry Bubbles who have sent me so many new blogs to check out. Thanks Ladies!! Remember, you have until the 15th at midnight (eastern time) to enter. Also, I forgot to mention that the giveaway is open worldwide.


Dress, Shoes, and Handbag: all from Different Estate Sales

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Super Easy 40's Hair

I've been wanting to try out faux bangs for a while now. I've tried to achieve the look before by just curling and pinning my bangs under. While this worked, it didn't really hold well after a few hours, so I wanted something more stable. I've always admired Twila Jean's faux bangs and asked her if she used a rat. I had just bought one from Sally's, but it was frightfully large and seemed best suited for a roll in the back of your hair. Twila told me she made her own rat; as so she could make it the size and shape she wanted, not to mention a perfect color match.

After finding out exactly what I needed to do, I got busy and made my own rat so I could enjoy some variety in my daily hairstyles. (If anyone would like more information on this, send me an email) I'm a huge fan of Lisa Freemont Street on YouTube and especially took a liking for THIS hairstyle. So that is my basis for inspiration for this do. It is as easy as Ashley says it it. I just set my hair in HotSticks, brushed it a bit, rolled my bangs up and I was off. Definitely a quick and easy hair do for us vintage gals who want to look period accurate.

I hope you check out both Twila Jean's blog and Lisa Freemont Street channel on YouTube!! I am now off to plan out my outfit for tonight's festivities!


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Film Fashion Friday: Early Cinema

This week I wanted to switch things up a bit and feature some silent films. There are three films I am focusing on, all of which are available to stream on Netflix. Each of these films contain strong female characters and of course, some great fashion inspiration as well!

The first film, Why Change Your Wife (1920), stars Gloria Swanson in her second of many collaborations with director Cecil B. DeMille. The story is a romantic comedy that is somewhat a sequel to Don't Change Your Husband (1919) this time with the roles reversed. It's really cute and pretty funny. However, what really makes this a must see film is the spectacular outfits put together by Clare West and Natacha Rambova. Swanson really knows how to show off early twenties glamour!

The next film is The Cheat (1915), directed by Cecil B. DeMille starring Fannie Ward and Sessue Hayakawa. Ward plays a money hungry wife who has an implied affair with Hayakawa. This film is pretty scandalous, showing a branding scene towards the end of the film -- something I was totally shocked by. The film was widely successful and protested at the same time. My favorite outfit is the one where Ward wears a huge black hat...she looks so trendy (for the time that is)!! I also really liked the Oriental influences this film displays, something that was very current with the trends for this time period.

The last film is also slightly outrageous. Salome (1923), starring Nazimova, is based on Oscar Wilde's play which loosely follows the biblical story of King Herod and his lust for his 14 year old step-daughter, Salome. The art nouveau-ish costumes were put together by the same lady that worked on the first film, Natacha Rambova. Rambova also designed the sets for this film, which I think are pretty amazing. Nazimova dons some pretty fantastic outfits throughout the film, but the ending, during her thought sequence is where she really shines. The film cuts between her and how she thinks she would look in her thoughts. The picture to the right shows one of her dreamt outfits. I was also really digging the wigs in the film, very artistic!

I hope I have inspired you to look at at least one of these films! I know silent film can be hard for many to get into, but these are a really good place to start. :)

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Thursday, March 4, 2010


First, let me just say that I am uber excited about this giveaway!! It is being brought to you in part by a very generous seller, Monster_Mart. A while back, I ordered this book for one of classes this semester. It's one of the only books I knew of that had a brief history of patterns and I needed some information on '40s patterns. Since I have such a weak spot for books, I opted to buy it rather than rent it from the library. My book came in a timely fashion and I really enjoyed looking at all the wonderful photos, not to mention learning a bit more about vintage patterns. Well, last week I received the book in the mail again. I contacted the seller to see if they would agree to let me keep the second copy as a giveaway for my blog and they did!! Thank you soooo much Monster_Mart!!!!!

This is such a great book and resource, I highly recommend it; especially since you can get a used copy for $20 or less. I am also giving away a '40s pattern, it's complete but the envelope is a little torn. It's such a cute dress with a lot of different options to it with the collar.

So here's how to enter:
1. Comment on this post about anything vintage sewing or fashion related.

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1. Become a follower and comment that you have.
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You may enter up to three times. The giveaway will close on March 15 at midnight Eastern Standard Time. Good Luck!! :)


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Estate Sale and Flea Market Goodies....and an Announcement

This weekend actually proved to be a successful one for estate sales and flea market finds. The crazy linen sale was super super cheap on Saturday (the last day), so I went back to scrounge up some of the left over linens. I came away with a vintage tablecloth (pictured above), two embroidered tea towels (one pictured above), a vintage doily, and a vintage Christmas tablecloth that had been made into a valance. Both tableclothes are in pretty bad shape -- the x-mas one is cut in half and the one pictured above has a few holes and stains. I plan to use them for some craft projects, although I do lament the thought of chopping up vintage linens. I guess it's better to use them than to just let them sit in a box. Also at this sale, I got the vintage cake plate and little cup. The cake plate was some I have been looking out for!

After this sale, I headed over to another sale that produced the vintage perfume bottle, another wish list item. It was half off. :) I couldn't believe I got it for only $5 bucks and it's in perfect smells even!! I also picked up two vintage movie books at this sale as well.

Sunday, I made my weekly trip to the Royal Oak flea market and found some really good deals. My favorite find of the day was this early 40's house dress. It's in perfect condition and it simply doesn't get better than this!! I mean, look at those buttons!! And, that fabulous print! Now I'm really itching for warmer weather.

I haven't posted in a few days because I have been working on a giveaway for my lovely readers!! I finally got all the kinks worked out, so make sure to check back tomorrow when I post more information on what I am offering up!