Monday, August 6, 2012


It seems that I have hit a bit of a bump in my vintage fashion blogging.  

About a month ago, I started working for a local estate sale company, setting up sales and helping them open their brick and mortar store -- a "vintage and local artist boutique."  At first, I really enjoyed working for them.  It was exciting to enter a new home each day and see what treasures it held.  However, as the weeks have progressed, there have been less and less work for me.  I knew this job wasn't going to be permanent, but I was hoping for the best while I was working there.

At this new job, it is pretty hard for me to wear anything vintage -- not that I have been doing a lot of that anyways.  I have become almost downright lazy when it comes to dressing and it doesn't help that my work clothes consist of t-shirts and leggings.  I feel a bit lost on the direction of my dressing.  While I still absolutely LOVE vintage fashion, I am beginning to wonder if my drifting from fulltime vintage dressing will be a permanent switch.  I certainly hope not.

So Dear Readers, how do you cope with a slump in your dressing tendencies?