Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today I closed my booth at the antiques mall. It was such a relief! So in honor of this, I am holding a giveaway. If you are the lucky winner, you will receive a Chinese Cook Book, a vintage half apron, a single salt/pepper shaker with a Bakelite top, a jello ring, an Old Colony plate, and a vintage long rectangle table cloth with two matching napkins (it's white with black and red stripes).

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post about your favorite vintage item you own and why it's your favorite. Then on August 7th, a week from Friday, I will draw a winner.



P.S. I have added a little picture on the sidebar that links to this post. Feel free to use it in a blog post and you will receive an extra entry. Just leave me a comment with a link to that post.

Friday, July 24, 2009

So Excited!!!!!!

I may have mentioned before that I am a film history major. One of my main reasons for my love of film comes from my love for vintage. I love that you can watch these old movies and view another time in history. We often talk in class about how many of these films reflect life outside of the movie. I totally agree and find these old films to be a great source for inspiration for fashion, hairstyles, decorating, and more.

Well, while surfing through some blogs, I came across one (which I cannot remember which one at this time, so if someone does, leave me a comment and I will give that blog credit!) which had a post about Lana Turner's daughter selling a lot of her personal items on eBay. I was so excited when I saw the post, I just had to check out eBay. I found the seller and fell in love with this bracelet. I wear a lot of black and this is perfect!! Lana Turner stars in one of my favorite classic films, The Postman Always Rings Twice. I love film noir and Miss Turner has some great outfits in this film. I found out today that I won the bracelet and I cannot wait until it comes in the mail. I can't tell you how excited I am to own a part of film history!!! I think it is so awesome that Lana's daughter is selling some of her items on eBay rather than going to Christie's. Many of the items are priced well, at least I thought so. And it seems there are items for every budget. :)

If you are interested, HERE is the link to Cheryl Crane's eBay store.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Linens!!

Like I've said before, I am addicted to vintage linens. I always convince myself that the box I keep them in always has a little more room for more. I just find the irresistible. I love the graphics and the bright colors. I love ironing them and folding them. I just love everything about them. I pick up quite a few at that amazing bag sale I went to a few weeks ago.
This is a pillow cover. The border needs to be finished. I plan on finishing it and instead of having a muslin backing, I am going to use some cute reproduction feedsack.

This sweet little towel was too cute to pass up.

This tea towel needs the edges finished off, but for 25 cents I brought it home.

I feel in love with the design on this towel. It had a lot of stains on it, but I was hoping they'd soak out. They did!!

I also fell in love with this pattern. It's nylon and there's about a yard there. I am now searching for the perfect pattern to make something out of this.
Hope your weekends found you lots of great finds!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vintage Sewing

This weekend found me starting a lot of projects! Last Wednesday I was able to finish mending a vintage dress I got at an estate sale. This little project spurred me to start on all the other projects I had laying around. I have a few vintage dresses that need mending and I have been wanting to recover the inside of my vintage train case. This project was sparked by a purchase of a vintage suitcase at a recent estate sale I went to. I was able to get a suitcase that is almost a perfect match to my train case and it was only a dollar!!
After I got home, I cleaned both and went out to JoAnn's for some supplies. I had to get some material for the new linings and for another special project that I will be posting about soon.
The picture is of a recent pattern I acquired off eBay. The picture holder was one of the items I got at a bag sale that an estate sale was having. I have always wanted one of these to display vintage cards.
Happy Wednesday!

Friday, July 10, 2009

More Bag Sale Treasures

A few weekends ago I made a trip out to a church that was having a bag sale. I was a little skeptical when I pulled up, but once I got under the tents my mind was changed. The picture about is most of the items I kept for me. The little recipe box will appear in the etsy soon. I was so excited to find vintage metal and plastic cookie cutters! I can't wait until Christmas now to bake some cookies and try them out!

I found this vintage fabric in a pile of clothes. I was digging and digging hoping to find something vintage and this popped up. There isn't a whole lot left, whoever had this before me cut it in a very strange way. There is enough for a make-up bag or change purse.

This was my favorite find from the sale. It was published in 1947 and besides the slip cover, the rest of the book is in wonderful condition. There are some super cute baby and toddler needle work patterns inside. My mom and I are going to share it.

Enjoy your Friday!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vintage Kitchen

My whole intrigue with vintage really started in the kitchen. When I was a little girl, one of the highlights of a visit to grandma's was to go downstairs in the basement and look her old 1940's oven. Then grandma would tell stories about the "good old days." Ever since that young age, I knew that someday that oven would make the trip to my kitchen. Well it hasn't made any trips yet, it will be at least one or two more years until that happens, but it did spark my interest of old things.
When I really started to seriously collect vintage stuff, I usually was drawn towards kitchen items. Not a whole lot has changed, only now I pretty much have all of my want list covered on the major kitchen items. I would still love to find a vintage ice crusher, blender, and more pieces of peach glaze Fire King -- can never have too much of that! :)
The last couple of sales I went to, I brought home more items to add to my hope chest of vintage kitchen stuff.
This has to be my most favorite apron I have ever found. I love the smocking and the style. I was so excited to get it washed to wear it that I didn't allow for all the stains to be soaked out. But, this will give me a reason to actually use it now!
I love these little mini cook books. I always pick them up whenever they are cheap. They usually have great ideas for new spins on favorite dishes. I picked these up at a church bag sale.

This little feedsack over mitt was also found at the church bag sale. It was so hot that day, I had to circle the tent a few times to get a good look at everything. If I keep moving, there was a better chance of feeling the breeze! I was so excited when I found this, under a pile of old dirty clothes of all places. It got stuck in the wash and ended up getting accidentally bleached, but came out looking the same as when it went it. The only thing that lightened was the bias tape around the edges. That feedsack is sure tough!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Jewels and Sales

I am still trying to catch up with last weekend's AMAZING estate sale. I got so many great vintage items for both me and the etsy. This lady saved everything. She had tons of vintage dresses from the 40's through the 60's. I picked up two for me, a black rayon number with a peplum and a purple New Look style complete with a shoulder cape. They are on their way to the dry cleaners along with my early 40's coat I got a few weeks ago. I am so excited for the fall to come, now that I have some great new clothes to wear.
This week I decided to clean out my closet. It felt so good to sort all my clothes out, reorganize, and get rid of a lot of stuff I never wear. I found a lot of my vintage dresses and separates that I had been saving that some how had gotten hidden among the mess of clothes. Now they will see more wear!
Anyways, in between my closet sorting, I reorganized my jewelry as well. This was needed much more than the closet, due to the numerous new pieces of vintage jewelry I have gotten over the past month. I normally just pass up the costume jewelry, since I do have quite a bit of it. However, I just couldn't help myself these past few sales. Pictured in this post are a few of my favorite new additions.

Have a great weekend and 4th of July!!