Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Double Chocolate Mint Cake and a Review

This past weekend was filled with birthdays. On Saturday was a surprise birthday party for my friend Andy and Sunday was my dad's birthday. My other friend was hosting the party at her place, so I offered to make the cake. I took this opportunity to try out some of the cake making stuff I purchased for a cake decorating class that I never got to take because they canceled it. I also wanted to try out doing some cake stuff I had never done before. This included leveling the cakes, using my decorating tools, and experimenting with fondant. All in all, I think things went pretty well, especially since I have never made a double layer cake before and my frosting skills are horrible. I normally pride myself in being a pretty good baker, but cakes have never been one of my specialties. That's why I was so excited this cake came out pretty decent enough to make an appearance on this blog!

The cake itself is chocolate -- I just used a Duncan Hines mix, they are the best and the most moist in my opinion. The frosting is the Wilton brand for decorating, which I didn't find any major differences between this and the cans you get at the supermarket. The little green discs are the fondant, which I made and dyed myself. I don't recommend this, the mess isn't worth it. I would just rather spend the extra $3 and get the ready made stuff. The green frosting was on sale, it was mint flavored. A lot of people said the cake tasted like an Andes Mint.

Okay, so on to my review of the cake leveler. This thing is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I was really skeptical, thinking it wouldn't do what it said it would. It seriously cut through the cake like butter. It's definitely worth the $4 or $5 that it cost. I would get it even if you don't do a lot of baking, it's seriously that good!

If anyone is interesting, I am thinking I might do a post on how I used the leveler, got the cake frosted, and put together. I haven't taken any classes, but learned some things through trial and error on this attempt and would love to share my experience.



Marie-Anne said...

That would be terrific, I would love that!

Heidi Ann said...

I am interested - hope you do that post!

Betty2Tone said...

Andes mints are pretty much the most delicious thing ever, so that's pretty good that your cake tasted like them :)


Daphne Mills said...

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