Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So Thrilled!!!!!!!!

So if I haven't stated this before, I am a film major and am completely in love with old Classical Hollywood. While this is a super fun topic to study, it's also hard to get a lot of the movies on DVD, let alone even see them. Well, today I stumbled upon this website that said that Warner Bros. was going to open up their archived films and sell them for home video use. I was so excited, so I checked it out to see if it was in fact real. Well...... it WAS!!!!!!!
I looked over the 155 movies they have listed so far and there are at least 4 or 5 Cary Grant films that I have been having the hardest time locating. (Cary Grant is one of my top three favor actors, I LOVE him).
I thought I would pass this information on to my blogging friends, in case your love of vintage flows over into films. Click HERE to visit the page.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Flea Market Find

Well, my love for vintage linens has now crossed over to include quilts. I have been admiring many of my fellow bloggers' quilts and began to keep an eye out for one. I checked out eBay, but they seem to be super expensive on there. However, to my luck, I found one two weekends ago at the Royal Oak Flea Market and it was actually in my price range ($15).

While it does have a few flaws (some minor tears and stains, the pink blocks are faded), I am in LOVE with this quilt. I let it soak for about a day and probably should have let it soak longer, but I was so excited to wash and dry it so I could use it!!

Here's the whole quilt. There are pink blocks in between the tulips that have the tulip pattern stitched into the quilt. Its bigger than a twin size and smaller than a double bed size, but I think it could work well as a topper over another comforter.
These two tulips include some of my favorite material that is used in this quilt. I just love old feedsack!!

The economy here in Michigan has now begun to effect my booth. Sales have been down since the Christmas season and I have decided to temporarily shut down my booth at the end of April. I am thinking of doing a flea market this summer instead and listing more items in my etsy. Any thoughts or suggestions? I figured that since around here the flea market venue has become quite popular that I might do better at moving out some of my items.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!!


Friday, March 6, 2009

A New Addition!!!

For as long as I can remember I have ALWAYS wanted a dog. Well, after a long time waiting and deciding what kind of dog would be good for my family (my brother has allergies), I FINALLY got my puppy.
I named her Pumpkin because of her color. My mom thought of the name and I just loved it!! She is a Bichon Poo. She'll be three months on March 13th.