Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Titanic Love Stories

Ever since I was about 9 or 10, I have been really interested in the Titanic. My parents even took a family vacation to Boston when I was in the 5th grade to check out a traveling museum of Titanic artifacts (along with seeing the East Coast as well). Something about the tragic nature coupled with the air of elegance that makes up the legacy of the Titanic fascinates me.

Today when I was shopping at Barnes and Noble for a gift, I came across this book and knew I HAD to purchase it. Titanic Love Stories by Gill Paul recounts 13 different true stories of honeymooning couples from all three classes on the ship. I've only made it through three of the stories so far, but boy are they good!! For the $10 price tag, it is totally worth the purchase! The stories are so interesting and provides another layer of depth into the passengers of the famous ship.

It's also a fitting read, since the 100th anniversary is quickly approaching. My local historical museum, The Henry Ford, is hosting a traveling Titanic exhibit, complete with recreations of the deck and state rooms. I am beyond excited -- March 31st cannot come quick enough. If anyone is going to be in the Detroit area from March 31st to September 30th should definitely check out the exhibit. I have seen parts of it before and it was really amazing, so I can only imagine how stellar it is going to be this time around!


P.S. Thanks to those of you who commented on my last post. I still haven't been able to track down the article yet, but I am in the process of working with the Motion Picture Academy's archives to try and locate where it came from. If anyone does come across any leads, they are still appreciated!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Calling All Vintage Magazine Collectors....

...I am in need of your help. I am currently working on my graduate thesis for my MA degree and have hit a bit of a bump. I have chosen to look at the representation of Dana Andrews in Fan magazines for my topic and have really been enjoying the research (hence my lack of any real posts lately).

I would like to include this article above, however, I only own a clipping and have no idea what magazine it came from. I have narrowed down the year to be 1951 and I am thinking it came from Movieland, considering that the font for the page numbers seems to match other issues identically. I am also thinking that it came from an issue around April, May, or June, according the the release dates for the movies mentioned in text. But, again, I am not too sure about this either.

If anyone has a copy of Movieland from this year/month or knows where I can find this article in full, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks! And I can't wait to get back into regular blogging once I am done with this project!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Trying Something New

Ever since going red, I have gotten the courage to try new things with my hair. When it was time for a trim, I decided to just get a cut instead. I was going for a "modern" Louise Brooks look. I didn't want to commit to the very short bob that Brooks is known for; instead I went for something slightly longer, but with the similar shape. I'm quite pleased!!

In other news, Metro Detroit has been experiencing quite the spring-like weather that makes dress-wearing much easier. I only hope it will last longer!


40s Slip (worn as dress): Mother Fletchers

70s Wrap Top: Value World

50s Shoes: eBay