Friday, March 12, 2010

Film Fashion Friday: In the Theaters

The other day I was thinking about movies that have come out in the last few months and it made me realize just how many have been period films. Going off of that, I thought this would be a great topic for Film Fashion Friday this week -- what's in the theaters.

The first film is one I recommend to everyone, even if you aren't into '60s fashion. An Education is such a visually beautiful film, taking place in England in the city and some scene in the countryside. I loved how they showed Jenny's transformation from a cute high school girl into a fashionable young woman. This film is based on a memoir and is a true coming of age story. I give it three thumbs up for both the film as a whole and the fashion within the film! Just to let you all know, this film is being released to dvd on March 30th. I can't wait!!
A Single Man is another visually stunning picture that follows a man who has just lost his long time lover/partner. While it is mostly focused around Colin Firth's character, the supporting cast and extras were dressed impeccably as well. I really enjoyed Ginnifer Goodwin's outfits in the few scenes she was shown it. I expect this movie to be released on DVD soon, especially since the Oscars are over with. It is also still being run in some art house theaters in my neighborhood, so you might still be able to catch it on the big screen.
I just saw this film last night and I gotta say I was really impressed. I had heard how good it was, but I always try to go into a movie with no expectations, as so I can make my own judgement about a film. Again, I felt this was a very visually beautiful picture (hmmm.. looks like a trend!), which kinda works nice as a juxtaposition between the troubled-sad story line. There aren't a lot of costume changes, but I still wanted to include this film because the ones that are included are really great. Plus, Sandy Powell just won the Oscar for costume design for her work with The Young Victoria. If you are into thrillers or a Hitchcock fan, this film would be for you.

I missed this film when it was playing at the art house by me, but I have heard really great things about it. Considering it was made like year and a half ago and it took forever to release in the United States, I am hoping it will be released on DVD soon. I know it's still making its rounds at art theaters around the U.S. so if you get a chance, check it out and let me know how it is!

These two films above have just been released on DVD; Paris 36 can be streamed lived through Netflix. Both look really good. I am waiting for A Serious Man to arrive in the mail, so I haven't seen it yet, but I adore the Coen Brothers! I didn't even know about Paris 36 until I was watching the Oscars and it was one of the nominees. Just from the few clips I saw on the Oscars, which really showed a lot of fantastic costumes, made me want to see this film. I hope to get a chance to watch it this weekend.

I hope this was a nice change to Film Fashion Friday and maybe gave you a film suggestion for the next time you are headed to the theatre.



BaronessVonVintage said...

Yep, I want to see ALL of these!! Great choices and thanks for a nice list of all of these films in one place!!

Unknown said...

I'm anxious to see A Single Man. Julianne Moore just looks divine in vintage, doesn't she? I LOVE the costuming in Far From Heaven--the colors & shapes (all those full skirts!) are just gorgeous!

Amy said...

I want to see a couple of these movies. I'll check in with you soon.