Monday, January 9, 2012

Peek into my Living Room

I haven't posted about Retroville in a while, so it's about time for an update! After the tree and other holiday decorations came down, it was time to move in my furniture that had been camping out in my garage. I still haven't finished -- the drapes need to be switched out for some barkcloth ones that I got an an estate sale and hopefully someday the pink carpet will be removed, showcasing the fabulous blonde hardwood floors that is underneath -- but for now I am very please and rather excited to be sitting on my own furniture!

Everything in the room that is pictured here was either handed down to me or was bought at estate sales, thrift stores, or flea markets. Here's the backstory on some of my favorite pieces.

Green Couch
A few months after I met Jesse, we were at an state sale and I spotted these two love seats at a sale we were at. They had a price tag of $20 and when I went to inquire if that was each or both, the lady stopped me and said I could have BOTH for $15! Now at the time I was still living at home and had no place to put these, but Jesse knew how much I had wanted a set out love seats like this, so he told me to buy them and we could put them at his house until I moved. What a keeper! Plus, how can you beat $15 for both! They do need to be reupholstered, but for now they work. The pillows were found a few months earlier for $5 for the pair at a flea market.

Mid summer this past year, I eyed this enclosed bookcase on a sale's listing. I thought for sure it was going to be way out of my price range, but as it ended up, it was $30 -- a bargain if you ask me. I would like to find another one some day to place on the other side of the fireplace. These don't seem to be that rare, as I have seen a few since I purchased this one, although in the wrong color. The fake plants are from the library that Jesse works at. They were going to pitch them, so Jesse brought them home and I ended up with them. I love real plants, but fake plants are nice too!

The atomic wall sconces were purchased at an estate sale a while ago for the small sum of $9. I was so giddy when I found these in the attic of the home and clutched them until I was ready to check out. I am currently on the hunt for some gold glittery candles to place in the holders.

I may be a bit biased, but I feel this proves that it doesn't have to cost a lot to make your home nice. Pumpkin thinks so too! I think this also goes to show that there still are bargains out there to be found when it comes to vintage pieces. I didn't get all these pieces overnight, but if you are patient, deals are still to be had.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, New Bag

This week began the start of my final semester of graduate school also known as the reason for my silence as of late. Before class started back up again, I made sure to hit the thrifts, since I might not get much of a chance to do so for a while.

On a visit to a Salvation Army, I spotted this gem while I was in line to check out. It was behind the jewelry counter and I am a bit ashamed to admit that I paid $30 at a thrift store for this needlepoint bag. I rationalized this purchase by convincing myself that I would have to pay this much or even more in a retail setting, so since it was just for me, it was worth it.

What do you all think? I agree that $30 for a purse at the Salvation Army is kinda steep, but at the same time, it is a really nice bag in perfect condition. Would you pay that much for a bag at a thrift store? Am I crazy? hehe!