Friday, March 26, 2010

Digger Sale Favorites

This week has just flown by! I was planning on posting this earlier this week and am just now getting around to must be all the nicer weather we have been experiencing here. Anyways, here are nine of my favorite finds from the digger sale I attended last weekend. I wanted to include the 40's satin coverlet and barkcloth drapes, however they are at the dry cleaners. They would have been my top two! :)

1. This was the first thing I spotted at the sale. It's a great table cloth, I think it was only used once. I just love yellow and pineapples!!

2. I have been wanting one of these aprons for a long time and found it underneath a ton of clothes. It was all crumpled up and had tons of stains, but I got most of them out. Isn't this so cute?

3. I couldn't believe that there was four whole yards of the pink fabric with the white sunflowers. I am either going to make a two piece dress or play suit with it. Any thoughts? The green piece with flower boarder looked like a flour sack but had a drawstring around the top like a skirt would have. Regardless what it was originally used for, I bought it to turn it into curtains.
4. This was the first item I spotted when I started to shop downstairs after I collected as much of the vintage clothes left as I could. I don't know if that blue thing is suppose to be for sunglasses, but that's how I found it, with the sunglasses in it. Does anyone know what it used for?

5. I pretty much cleaned out the jewelry that was left. I loved the trench art pin. I think my mom might end up with it because her name starts with an A. I don't know if you can see that little star, but it dangles!! I also snatched up that Navy inspired plastic necklace. It is going to look nice with my Navy pants I got a while back.

6. That's pretty much the rest of the jewelry I picked up. The lady who lived in the home worked for Hudson's (Macys) during the 40s through the 60s and never passed up a sale. Many items were new old stock. This was the case with those cute twin birdie brooches. The earrings sparkle soooo much!! And can you see the WWII sterling silver forget-me-not bracelet? It needs a few more links, but I was super excited about finding that!
7. This would probably have to be my favorite find clothing wise. I have been looking for a pair of vintage shorts and these just need a new zipper. I was really thrilled that I found a matching blouse at the sale.

8. This is the purse that took to the vintage clothing expo, which I received many compliments on. :) It is a great little bag, with a great combination of the straw and pearlized Lucite. It was practically brand new, just needed some freshening up. It's already a spring favorite!

9. This is hands down my favorite find of the day!!! I have been on the lookout for a vintage clock for my room. This one just needed a new cord and it started ticking away, thanks to my dad for replacing the cord. It also lights up!!! I'm already enjoying it and it keeps excellent time!!

Hope you all find some lovely sales this weekend!!



happileah said...

Digger Sale? That sounds like something I'd enjoy :)

Oh boy,that tablecloth is wonderful!


Hi Em!
Love diggers sale! The birdie pins are so sweet and the linens are always a hit. Your curtains will be so pretty with the fabric you found.
Happy hunting this weekend.
Deb :)

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Yay what great finds, never realized those pins were called 'trench art'. I love those forget-me-not bracelets too, I found one at an antique market here in Chicago a while ago.