Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Estate Sale and Flea Market Goodies....and an Announcement

This weekend actually proved to be a successful one for estate sales and flea market finds. The crazy linen sale was super super cheap on Saturday (the last day), so I went back to scrounge up some of the left over linens. I came away with a vintage tablecloth (pictured above), two embroidered tea towels (one pictured above), a vintage doily, and a vintage Christmas tablecloth that had been made into a valance. Both tableclothes are in pretty bad shape -- the x-mas one is cut in half and the one pictured above has a few holes and stains. I plan to use them for some craft projects, although I do lament the thought of chopping up vintage linens. I guess it's better to use them than to just let them sit in a box. Also at this sale, I got the vintage cake plate and little cup. The cake plate was some I have been looking out for!

After this sale, I headed over to another sale that produced the vintage perfume bottle, another wish list item. It was half off. :) I couldn't believe I got it for only $5 bucks and it's in perfect smells even!! I also picked up two vintage movie books at this sale as well.

Sunday, I made my weekly trip to the Royal Oak flea market and found some really good deals. My favorite find of the day was this early 40's house dress. It's in perfect condition and it simply doesn't get better than this!! I mean, look at those buttons!! And, that fabulous print! Now I'm really itching for warmer weather.

I haven't posted in a few days because I have been working on a giveaway for my lovely readers!! I finally got all the kinks worked out, so make sure to check back tomorrow when I post more information on what I am offering up!