Friday, August 30, 2013

Sponsor in September

So I decided to stay with passionfruit to host my ads.  So good news for all my current sponsors!

New this month: you can now purchase a dedicated blog post!

Ads come in three sizes and run for 30 days, rotating with each page load to allow for equal exposure for each sponsor.  If you need help designing an ad, I would be more than happy to help!

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*I am always open to sponsored giveaways, sponsored outfit posts, and swapping ad spaces*

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vintage Sale!

vintage clothing sale livinvintageshop

Tomorrow through Sunday the shop is 20% off.  
Snag some deals on both summer and fall pieces!

*no reserves or layaways during sale*
*no further discounts or coupon codes may be applied during sale*
*new items added after sale are NOT included in sale*

Monday, August 26, 2013


...I've been...

...stocking the shop with lots of vintage goodies.  400, here I come!

...enjoying lots and lots of garden fresh tomatoes.

...listing fun stuff like this beautiful 60s wedding dress and 50s/60s pineapple earrings.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Freebie Friday: Retro iPhone Case Insert

retro iphone case

As mentioned last week, here is the Livin' Vintage reader exclusive free printable retro iPhone insert!

Depending on your printer, you might need to resize.  If that's the case, the image should be 4.5 X 2.25 inches.

*this is an original vintage image and is being shared here for your personal use.  it may NOT be used for any other purposes, including being sold in anyway*

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fall for Cotton Sew-along

When Tasha announced the Fall for Cotton Sew-along, I was so excited to join in, go through my stash of vintage patterns and fabric, and make a new dress for fall.

At first, I though of making another Swirl dress with some quilter's cotton I recently picked up on clearance at Joanns.  And, while I might still whip one up during the sew-along, I wanted to challenge myself with a pattern I haven't used before and to use some of my vintage fabric, because my stash of both is really overflowing!

I picked this dress pattern from 1952 and haven't decided which view I'm going to make yet, although I am leaning towards view two (the white one).  Which do you like?  Even though I have done a fair amount of sewing, I haven't worked much with vintage patterns, so we'll see how "simple to make" this dress ends up being.

The fabric is probably from the '50s too; most of the other fabric I got out of that estate was from then as were the patterns.  I still need to get my notions, but so far, the cost of this dress is practically nothing!  Both the fabric and the pattern came from an estate sale a few years ago and I can't image that I paid more than a few dollars for it all.

Next step is is figure out what view I am going to make and then get my notions.

Want to join in?  See THIS POST for more information.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vintage Lingerie Preview

The only thing better than wearing vintage dresses is wearing something equally as pretty and vintage underneath!  

I am working on stocking the shop with some pretty under things and here's a preview of some of the vintage lingerie that will hit the shop soon.

1960s scalloped half slip  &  1940s sheer peach nylon slip

1950s swiss dot robe  &  1950s baby blue nightie

If you are interested in anything or want a reserve listing, email me at or click on the contact me button below.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meet Adored Vintage

 Meet August's Featured Sponsor: Adored Vintage!

Adored Vintage is a curated vintage shop featuring some of the most darling vintage dresses, separates, and accessories.  Her stock ranges from the 1900s to the 1980s and there is even some modern vintage inspired pieces sprinkled in.

Rodellee is based in Long Beach, California and hand selects all the lovely vintage items for both her etsy shop and her own website.  Their online shop is updated every week with fresh selections.

Recently, Rodellee's adorable showroom was featured on Apartment Therapy.  I love how she mixes all different eras for her own unique look of everything floral, feminine, and pretty.
See it HERE

You can find Adored Vintage on:

-facebook HERE
-twitter HERE
-pinterest HERE
-instagram @adoredvintage
-etsy HERE
-blog HERE

Monday, August 19, 2013


...I've been...

...finding some great dresses for the shop.

...joining in on the fall for cotton sew along.  See more HERE

...eating ice cream at my favorite spot.

...thrifting cute 60s sweaters that I'm hanging onto for now.

...enjoying a night out with friends.

What have you been up to?

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Sponsor Salute

Thank you to everyone who commented on my post yesterday.  Now, on to my lovely August sponsors!

Adored Vintage has a collection of some of the most beautiful vintage dresses for sale in their shop.  And Rodellee has the sweetest studio space that was just featured on Apartment Therapy.

shop  |  blog  |  facebook  |  pinterest  |  twitter

Fellow Michigan blogger, Kristen runs the sweet blog, Wonderful at Home.  Kristen loves all things vintage, flea markets, and she has some great cooking posts!  Stop by and say hi!

Jessamity Vintage is an etsy shop chalk full of all kinds of vintage goodies.  I love the maternity suit pictured above in the center!  You're sure to find something you love at Jessamity Vintage.

shop  |  facebook  |  twitter  |  blog  | pinterest

Frocks and Frivolities is run by the cutest Portland, OR gal, Jennifer.  Her shop is stocked with lots of great vintage pieces -- my favorite is that Margaret Smith handbag.  What a find!

shop  |  blog  |  facebook

A big thank you to all my sponsors this month!  You guys rock!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Day for Detroit

[Detroit Industry, Diego M. Rivera]

Detroit, the city in which I live exactly 15 minutes from and what I like to call my home, is bankrupted. After numerous years of city counsel mismanagement and corruption, Detroit is finally out of money.  I don't write much about politics or the like here, mostly because I find this to be a happy place where I can share my love of old things with likeminded readers.  However, what's going on in Detroit is near and dear to my heart and I feel compelled to share what's happening, with the hopes that you will be as outraged as I am. 

[Melancholy Woman, Pablo Picasso]

Detroit pretty much crashed with the collapse of the auto companies, although it had been on the decline for years.  I wish I could have seen the city during the 40s and 50s, when my Grandma would go to Hudson's downtown to shop in the lower level (bargain basement).  In my lifetime, there have been few, if any, good/positive things about the city, the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) is among them.  Founded in 1885, the DIA boasts over 658,000 square feet that contains some of the most beautiful art, placing it within the top six among collections in the United States and making it the cultural gem of Detroit, dare I say the Midwest.

[Helping Angel Window Panel, John La Farge]

When the city filed bankruptcy and was forced to bring in an emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, it became clear that the DIA was under threat.  Ownership of most of the art belongs to the City of Detroit and as such, is considered an asset.  Orr has not taken selling some of the collection in order to pay off debts off the table and a few weeks ago, appraisers from Christy's visited the DIA to evaluate some of the artwork.  They plan to return within a few weeks to continue the process. 

[The Beach Hat, Robert Cozad Henri]

Last year, a millage was passed so that access to the DIA for the county in which it resides and the two surrounding counties would be completely free.  As an art student (I have a B.A in Cinema Studies) this was a major victory -- I'm all about bringing art to the people and about free stuff.  Not only does the DIA house the artwork of some of the greatest artists of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, but it also shows films on a weekly basis in the most beautiful historic theatre.  I visit the DIA often, mostly to view films, and I gain so much enjoyment and culture doing so.

[Diver, Walter E. Deaves]

I am writing this post and sharing a few of the many pieces of art that decorate the walls of the DIA in collaboration with Tyler Green, who came up with the idea to spread national awareness of the great loss that is on the verge of taking place.  As Green mentions, "part of the greatness of a collection at a non-profit is public access."  I feel so strongly that art is an important part of our society and it should be seen by the masses, whether you are educated or not, no matter what class you fall into, no matter what race or gender. 

It is hard to describe the sheer magnitude of awe that engulfs you while standing in the Rivera Court or the sweet smile that comes to you face when you look at Andy Warhol's pop art.  The act of seeing these works in person, rather than just on the screen of a computer, is a different experience than technology cannot match and it would be such a shame to take that away from the people of Detroit and anyone else who wants to take in the art the DIA has to offer.  As Walter Benjamin said, "Even the most perfect reproduction of a work of art is lacking in one element: its presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be."  Seeing these works in person is an experience that cannot compare to a google search.  I just hope by bringing more awareness to this issue outside of the Metro Detroit area will help change Orr's mind.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to Make a Retro Phone Case

vintage how to make an iphone case vintage phone case

I had a few requests from one of my Lately posts that shared the retro iPhone case I made.  This is a super quick, easy project that will certain add that extra retro flair to your vintage outfit.

Here what you need:

1. vintage paper clippings 
I have a bunch of scrap vintage magazines that have the covers and multiple pages missing, so I don't fee bad cutting into them.  You could also scan in the images and print, so you don't cut into your magaizne.

2.  clear phone case
I found mine at Joann Fabrics.  Find some online HERE and HERE

3. pencil/pen

4.  scissors 

Step 1
Find an image you like and see how your insert will work.  My iPhone case came with these inserts, but you could easily make one of your own by tracing the outside of the case and the hole for the camera.

Step 2
Trace around the insert.

Step 3
Cut out the image.

Step 4
Place your new retro insert in the case.

I'd love to see what you come up with if you make one too!


Don't have vintage images, but want to make your own?  Starting in September, I will be offering a slew of vintage graphics and images for instant download in my shop.  In the meantime, I will be offering a reader exclusive free iPhone insert here on the blog.  Check back next week for the freebie.

Monday, August 12, 2013


...I've been:

1950s leslie fay dress
...finding twin vintage dresses.

bakelite earrings carved bakelite
...organizing my bakelite earrings.

...taking Pumpkin for car rides.

...camping in Ohio.

...antiquing in Ohio.

What have you been up to?

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