Thursday, June 25, 2009


Two weekends ago, I attended an amazing estate sale full of vintage clothes and accessories along with other vintage goodies. I must admit, I did go a little crazy and for the first time, went back on the last day to get even better bargains. These are just a few of my finds, my favorites!!
This lady was a "crazy glove lady" with over 300 pairs to choose from. I took home 9 pairs for me and a few pairs for the shop.
All three of these vintage linens cost me less than a dollar! The pillow cases cleaned up very nice.

This little shirt was found among the pile of rags in the basement. It really pays to dig in crazy places!!

My little candy striper dress! I have already worn it a few times and it is so comfy and breezy in the hot weather we have been having here in Michigan.

I can't believe I got this 40's blouse for only $2!! It buttons up the back. It is in need of a good pressing and the prefect 40's suit to go with it!!

Lately, I have found myself addicted to vintage robes. So, I couldn't pass this one up. Its fabric drapes so lovely! I feel so glamorous wearing it, like I just stepped out of an old movie.

I got these on the last day for a steal!! The rhinestone earring are screw backs and sparkle a lot!! The spiders are scatter pins and I have the prefect vintage orange sweater to wear them with this fall.
I got a lot more stuff, but these are by far my faves, except for the swing coat, 40's wool dress, and late 30's - early 40's fur collared coat that are waiting to be picked up at the dry cleaners.
Last weekend was a church rummage sale, which was a $3 dollar bag sale, all you can stuff. I also got carried away there as well!!
Today, I made my way to another estate sale to a home that didn't have one item in it newer than 1980!!! It started in the evening, another first for me. I normally don't go on those days, but this sale looked so good, I just had to!! I came out with two bags full and might go back on Saturday for the bargains.
Hope the bargains come your way!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy Little Bee

This past week has made me feel like a busy little bee. Last Friday I stopped by an estate sale close to home and came out with two bags full of goodies for me and my etsy. Sunday, I went back and scored two more bags for me and the etsy. On Sunday I also went to my local flea market that I hadn't been to in a while. Since the weekend, I have been busy sorting, organizing, and cleaning all my finds. I am now just beginning to list some stuff on etsy. Some of it is from this sale and some of it is not.
At the flea market, there is always this vendor that does a dollar table. I always search him out because he normally has good stuff on his dollar table, like vintage patterns and vintage gloves and hats. This week he had this little vanity jar that I think is suppose to hold powder.
I just fell in love with it. Probably because it was yellow!! Instead of holding powder, I decided to store all my pretty sparkly hair accessories and bobby pins. So far it's working out great and looks so pretty and lady-like on my vanity tray. :)
Tomorrow and Saturday I will be taking a break from my washing and sorting, to attend a few rummage sales that look promising. I'm so glad the summer has come. I get time off of school which give me more time to do what I love!! These are the times I love being in college!! :)
Before I leave, here's a few sneak peeks at what I will be adding to my etsy in the next week. If you are interested, shoot me an email and I will reserve the item for you.

Vintage Apron

Suede Vintage Heels

FLEXIBLES Vintage Gloves
(Two Pairs Available)
Have a great Friday!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Weekend Behind Again

Summer sales have really started to pick up around here, hence my absence from blogging. I have been to two of the most wonderful sales since the start of June. I am so excited to share my finds!!
A few days ago I took Pumpkin to visit my grandma who is doing a few weeks of rehab at a local nursing home. She was so happy to see Pumpkin. My mom and I fixed her up real cute complete with a yellow bow in her hair to match her yellow collar. Pumpkin has just about lost all of her baby teeth now and is growing up so fast. Grandma is doing much better and is looking forward to coming home in a few days.
Last weekend I went to a lovely estate sale close to home. I went on the last day, as I had just found it on Everything was half off of the already low prices.

This drum table was purchased for $7.50 and is in pretty good shape.

I added this recipe box to my collection for only 50 cents.

I also took home this vintage parasol for only 50 cents.

This cute little vintage birthday card will find its way to my etsy.

Also finding its way to my etsy is a vintage shirtwaist dress that isn't pictured in this post. It is so cute, black and white and a larger size too!!

The lady who lived in the house had tons of vintage fabric, although most of it was polyester. I did end up taking all the vintage feed sack that was left for 50 cents a piece.

There were tons of vintage table clothes at this sale. Mostly Christmas ones. I took the one pictured above and two others; one of which will head to etsy.

This is one of the other vintage Christmas linens I took, a table runner. I love the design and was glad that I took both of them instead of just getting one.

My favorite find of the day. I know how hard it is to find vintage fall/Halloween anything and was so excited when the lady said I could take this off the table and buy it!!!

It's in near perfect condition!!

I also purchased a jar of vintage buttons. It was so much fun to sort through them all.
Today I went back to an estate sale that I went to on Friday morning. It has to be one of the best sales I have ever been to!!! More on this later!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Last Weekend's Finds

This week has just flown by! I have been meaning to post my finds from last weekend and never got around to it until now -- a week later! :)

Last weekend I decided to only two yard sales that were about two blocks apart. Both said that they had TONS of vintage stuff. The first one I stopped at was suppose to have TONS of vintage clothing. Well, there was one small rack, and all of it was either too small, too much $$, or just not really vintage. However, the lady did have a lot of vintage shoes. They were all size 10 and mostly 60's. I did manage to find this pair for only $8. I really don't see how they fit me, being marked a size 10AAA (I normally wear a vintage size 8-8.5 AAA) and all, but they are a perfect fit.

I just wore them on Thursday and found them to be one of the most comfortable pair of heels I have ever owned.

I also got this awesome vintage teal lamp at that sale for only $3!!! The lady had just put it out as I was about to walk out of the driveway and I ended up bring it home with me along with the shoes. The pink lamp was purchased for $4 at a thrift store. Both need new shades and probably will need to be rewired.

The next sale I went to was down a lovely street with all historic homes. When I drove up to the house I could already see all the furniture and other vintage goodies spread all out on the lawn. Everything at this sale was outrageously priced...but in the buyer's favor. Here's a few of the things I ended up with:

Vintage mens silk tie. Look for it next week in my etsy or email me if interested

Some lovely vintage gloves. The ones on the left will make their way to the esty later on today. The ones on the right have found a new home with me. The linen that the gloves are sitting on was also bought at the same sale.

Three vintage napkins that look like they had never been used. I picked these up for 25 cents!!
I have convinced myself that a girl can never have too many table clothes. I just loved this one and it had no stains, but a slight hole in it. For $2, it was worth it, and I won't feel bad about using this one.
The next day I checked out the weekly flea market that is held right by my house. No deals as good as the ones I had found the day before so I only picked up these vintage patterns.

And these vintage silk screen prints. I thought the little baby deer would look cute in a baby's room some day.

Well, that's it for last weekend. But... I need to post about this weekend and update my etsy with all the new items I have waiting to be added. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!