Saturday, March 6, 2010

Super Easy 40's Hair

I've been wanting to try out faux bangs for a while now. I've tried to achieve the look before by just curling and pinning my bangs under. While this worked, it didn't really hold well after a few hours, so I wanted something more stable. I've always admired Twila Jean's faux bangs and asked her if she used a rat. I had just bought one from Sally's, but it was frightfully large and seemed best suited for a roll in the back of your hair. Twila told me she made her own rat; as so she could make it the size and shape she wanted, not to mention a perfect color match.

After finding out exactly what I needed to do, I got busy and made my own rat so I could enjoy some variety in my daily hairstyles. (If anyone would like more information on this, send me an email) I'm a huge fan of Lisa Freemont Street on YouTube and especially took a liking for THIS hairstyle. So that is my basis for inspiration for this do. It is as easy as Ashley says it it. I just set my hair in HotSticks, brushed it a bit, rolled my bangs up and I was off. Definitely a quick and easy hair do for us vintage gals who want to look period accurate.

I hope you check out both Twila Jean's blog and Lisa Freemont Street channel on YouTube!! I am now off to plan out my outfit for tonight's festivities!


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happileah said...

Your hair looks great!

My salon is having an open house on how to do vintage hairstyles. Unfortunately, I'll be out of town then :(

Miss CherryBubbles said...

Ooh, lovely 'do! I've been thinking of making my own rat too - now I feel more motivated to get it done ;)

I love the Lisa Freemont Street tutorials - she makes the hairdos seem so do-able!

Michele said...

Love your hair, it looks adorable! :)