Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Midland Flea Market

This past week has sure flown by! School has started to pick up and the Redford has a great movie showing every weekend, now that it's fall. They are starting their Halloween horror fest this coming Saturday...I can't wait. All double features and this weekend it's The Blob and another film. Anyways, this past weekend my mom and I headed to Midland, MI for their annual flea market and antique show. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed this year. last year the show was packed and every vendor had a great deal on something. I did mange to find some things that have been on my "want list." First find of the day was the vaseline reamer, something I have been searching for forever. This one was only $4 without any flaws. Definitely my deal of the day. Also in the picture is a vintage glove box. I have been wanted one of these for a while too, and just couldn't seem to find one. This bright pink one was only $6 and in near perfect condition.

There were a few vendors with clothes, well really three to be exact. I found this blouse ($3) from one. It has some pretty bad underarm stains, but it is great condition otherwise and has those great rhinestone buttons. This will get dyed a slightly darker pink, just to cast out the stains. The apron was purchased from one of the other clothing vendors. It is made from the most lovely feedsack and in such a cute design. So for $4.50 I added another vintage apron to my growing collection.
These last two items were the big ticket purchases of the day. Above is a REAL leopard fur collar. I have been searching for some kind of leopard coat or scarf to go with this awesome 40's leopard hat I won off eBay. I am probably going to put it on a brown sweater, but I am still not sure yet. I was so happy to find this and to be able to check one more item off my list!

Now, my favorite find of the day. I am addicted to vintage fine jewelry and diamonds. Since both are usually so expensive, I only have a small collection, mostly full of family pieces. There was one vendor there that had all this exquisite estate jewelry and it was so hard to not look! There were so many pieces that I would have loved to take home with me, but I settled on this necklace. I have been wanting some sort of an older piece of vintage jewelry, pre 1900's. I had also been admiring some diamond solitaire pendants when I was shopping the other day, so I got both in this piece! The lady said that it was Victoria era (around the 1880's-1890's) and it is two-toned. It was really hard to photograph, so I have a couple of different views in the collage. The mine cut diamond really sparkles!!!

So even though the show wasn't as spectacular as last year, I still had a blast with my mom and did come home with a few nice goodies that I really do love!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stripes and Sailors

Last week, I went over to one of the nicer vintage clothing stores in my area to trade in a few dresses. I swapped two dresses for the one pictured and a really cute green 60's wiggle. I liked this dress because it was very different than anything I owned. I have never been a huge fan of nautical styled clothes on me, but I really fell for this one. It is very subtle, the back of the neckline is styled like many nautical necks, where it is free from the dress and is in a square shape. I forgot to photograph it!!! I am planning on wearing the other dress this weekend, so it'll be pictured in my blog soon.

Belt and Shoes: JC Penny

Dress: Lost and Found Vintage


Friday, September 18, 2009

Favorite Vintage Coat

This is my one of my favorite vintage coats. I got this swing coat when I was a junior in high school and its been a favorite ever since. I only paid $20 for it and it has seen A LOT of milage since. I have found it to be the perfect fall/spring coat. It is light but still provides some warmth on those chilly nights in between seasons. The two buttons frame the pockets on either side and the coat is lined with a taffeta-satin like material, which makes it glide on and off ever so easily! I can't wait to share more of my coats...I have a lot!! Like shoes, they are another one of my vintage obsessions!!


Coat: Mother Fletchers

Pants: Simply Vera Wang

Shoes: eBay

Bracelet: Lana Turner Estate....I just LOVE this bracelet!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Thomas Edison Short Film

Yesterday in one of my film classes, I was reminded of one of my favorite short films of all time. I knew it could be found on YouTube so I wanted to share it with you all.

This short film, "Anna Belle Serpentine Dance" was done by Thomas Edison in 1895 and is one of the first known color films. Most people think that "Gone with the Wind" and "The Wizard of Oz" are among the first color films, but color films date back to the birth of the cinema. This short film was colored by the hand coloring technique. This is where each frame is hand painted. This process took a very long time and was very expensive. During this time there were a few other methods of coloring films that were popular. Toning was a process done during the exposure process, tinting or dipping, was done by dipping a section of the film into a bath of dye, and stenciling was done by making a stencil of the sections to be colored and then coloring them. Sometime more than one of these techniques were used to color films. One of the major forerunners in the stenciling movement were Pathe brothers, who were French and employed mostly women. These women worked mostly on the stenciling process because they had small hands. This was the first opening for women in the film industry.

The short film showed above is based off of Loie Fuller, a dancer that was famous for her style of dance. I just love how her dress drapes and she looks so graceful while the fabric swirls. I also really love how she is colored. Yellow is my favorite color and it shows up a lot in this film.

One more note on early colored films; most films that are colored from this time period are of women, which I find really interesting. Many think that it is because color and women are normally associated together, which would make sense why women were employed to color the films as well as star in them.

Let me know what you think of this film. Do you love it or hate it?? I am really interested to know how others feel about it!!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Mend and Make Do Dress

Yesterday was my first day of class as a senior in college. I didn't have much time to put together a new outfit, so I threw this on, one of my go-to's this summer. I call it my "mend and make do dress." I found it at an estate sale at the beginning of the summer and just had to buy it. The dress was literally in shreds, but I loved the fabric and the pattern of the neckline I just had to take it home and see what I could salvage. The skirt was fully intact and had no tears, so at least I could have made a skirt out of it. The real problem was the bodice and it needed buttons. I got to work and first I cleaned the dress (it smelled super musty) and then got to work ironing. I figured it would be easiest to put back together if it was pressed. Once that was done, I got out the pin cushion and got to work piecing it back together. Most of the problems on the bodice were loose seams, but there where a few rips not in the seams and there was a hole that had been patched with the same material behind it. I got it all put back together in one sitting and was soooooo excited to wear it. I normally wear it with the black sweater because it hides the patched hole, but you can hardly see that anyways. For some reason there is a dark mark on the dress in the picture, but there are no stains on it...weird!

What are your favorite mend and make do items?


Dress: Estate Sale

Sweater: Target

Shoes and Watch: JC Penny

Purse: Michael Kors

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Redford and "Dial M for Murder"

Yesterday a good friend and I went to see Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder" at the Redford Theatre. This theatre is my absolute favorite place to go and see movies. It opened its doors in 1928 and has been showing movies ever since. The picture above is from the Redford's website and it shows what the inside of the theatre looks like. During the time the theatre was built, Asian and Oriental themes were really popular. Many theatres from this time period have hints of this theme in their decor. The Redford has its original organ and is on a system that makes it rise and fall with a touch of a button. A half hour before the show begins, a volunteer plays the organ and then again at intermission. I really enjoy the intermission, it really makes you feel like you are back in time.

I was really excited to see this film. Hitchcock is my favorite director and I love murder mysteries. I have seen this film many times and couldn't wait to see it in 3D. Here's a little history about 3D movies in the 1950's. During the 50's, many families were able to afford television sets in their homes and television stations were obtaining the rights to old films to air on TV for extremely cheep. Both of these events combined caused box office sales to drastically drop. The film companies needed a way to draw back in moviegoers. To bring back high box office sales, films were now being shot using 3D technology and Panavision as gimmicks to draw in audiences. In my opinion, this tactic worked well and still does today. Case in point, my excitement in seeing a movie in 3D that I had seen many times before.

Anyways, I'll leave you with a picture of my outfit. I was really pleased with how it came together, as I was running late and didn't have much time to try out a lot of different options. I really love the blouse I am wearing, there is a funny story behind it. About seven years ago, I found out about Mother Fletchers and have been shopping there for vintage ever since. In all my seven years of shopping there, I have always wanted this shirt. I have no clue how it managed to stay at the store and not go home with anyone. On my last trip to Mother Fletchers, I decided that I had been admiring it long enough and I needed to just buy it, so I did!


Blouse: Mother Fletchers

Sweater: Target

Pants: Simply Vera Wang

Shoes: Kate Spade

Purse: Estate Sale

Earring: Royal Oak Flea Market

Bracelet: From Lana Turner's Estate

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Detroit Film Theatre

Photo Credit:

Last night I ventured out to Detroit to the Detroit Film Theatre to see the film "Man with a Movie Camera." They found a new print of the film on 35mm and invited a live orchestra to accompany the film. It was really amazing. I had seen the film a few times, but nothing compared to sitting in the theatre and watching it on the "big screen" with the live music!

The theatre is apart of the Detroit Institute of Arts and was built in 1927. This theatre, along with the Detroit FOX theatre and the Redford Theatre are among a few of the 1920's historic theatres still left in the United States. Detroit is lucky to have three of these amazing movie houses. (The FOX no longer plays movies, but it did at one time. The Redford and the DFT both still play movies--mostly classics). What I find so wonderful about all three of these theatres, apart from the beautiful interiors and elaborate decorations, is all have orchestra pits and pretty much look the way they did when they first opened their doors. Tonight I will be headed out to the Redford to see "Dial M for Murder" in 3D. I am sooooooo excited!! Look for more about this in my next post!


Shirt: Estate Sale

Pants: Target

Shoes: Nordstrom's Rack

Purse: Vintage Saks 5th Avenue via an Estate Sale

Watch: JC Penny

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Blues... :)

Today, my mom, the little girl I am a nanny for, and I all went out shopping. It was kind of warm today so I needed something breezy and comfortable. I got this dress last week when I went into Mother Fletchers to use up the last of my store credit for a trade I did a while back. I really love this dress. Because of the colors in the pattern of the fabric, there is a lot of choices for color combinations. You can't tell from the picture, but there is a hint of a jade green color in the dress, so I choose to play that up today by wearing my fake bakelite bracelet and some green earrings to match. The purse is from the last estate sale I went to.

Well, just a short little outfit post for now. I am in the process of finding an outfit to wear out tonight. I am going to a screening of "Man with a Movie Camera" at the Detroit Film Theater. I can't wait!! It's a silent film and there will be a live orchestra to play along with the film!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I have been wanting to do this for a long time! I am finally having that sale in my etsy that I talked about months ago in one of my posts. It's taken me this long to up load a lot of my items that were waiting to appear in the etsy!! And.....I still have more stuff that is waiting to find a new home!

So here's the deal. All of the patterns will be buy one get one free (of equal or lessor value) and I have created a section for the other sale items which will be 50% just for my readers! Click HERE to see the sale items. Feel free to share the sale with others as well!! If you find something you like, just purchase the item and put a message to me in the section for message to seller and DO NOT PAY. Once I see your sale, I will send you a revised invoice for your item.



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brisk Breezes and New Shoes

I can't believe how fast this summer went by. It's already one week into September and here in Michigan we have seen some signs that fall will be quickly approaching. I cannot wait!! Fall is my favorite season. I love that I get to break out all the coats that have been stored away all summer. I have a mini coat obsession. I can never pass up a coat. I feel that they are pieces of wardrobe that will last for years and years and most designs will almost always be in style.

My other obsession is shoes, which you may or may not have caught on to by now! :) I love shoes because they are one of the only things when it comes to clothing that will fit you even if you gain or loose some weight. I received these beautiful green 40's slingbacks today in the mail. I found them on eBay for the small sum of $10 (and that included shipping!!!). I am hoping to get some wear out of them before it gets super cold here.


Monday, September 7, 2009

If You're Stout...

I just love that ad; I love how honest vintage ads were. I have a few vintage patterns that describe themselves as figure flattering for the fuller figured women or as this ad puts it "styled to make you look slimmer."

I have been really anxious to wear my new shoes and my new bag, so I pulled this dress out of the closet and felt that they would coordinate will with one another. My mom and I headed over to JoAnn's for their labor day sale. I wasn't in the mood to mess much with my make-up or my hair, so please pardon both. At JoAnn's, I found some beautiful fabric for only $1 a yard. I also needed to get some chenille to make a replacement sash for a vintage chenille robe I found at the thrift store. I will post more about this later.

Just a short little outfit post today. Hope everyone had great Labor Days!


Dress: Mother Fletchers

Belt: No's soooo old

Shoes: eBay

Purse: Estate Sale

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Puppy Love

It's been a little while since I have posted Pumpkin pictures, so I felt an update was in order. About a month ago, Pumpkin got her spay surgery and she also had a due claw removed. Because of the added leg surgery, Pumpkin had to wear a cone for part of her recovery time. I thought she looked sooooo cute in it!!! She was such a good sport about it, as she is with everything. The other pictures are from a few days ago. I just love it when she looks up at you with those puppy dog eyes!

Yesterday, my mom and I joined in on a garage sale. I was able to clear out a lot of stuff and made a little bit of money, which I am saving for a flea market trip my mom and I are planning. We went last year and I got some really great deals. I am hoping for the same this year.

After the garage sale, I headed over to Mother Fletchers, my absolute favorite local vintage clothing store, and used the rest of my store credit. They were also having a half off sale, so I picked up two extra dresses, a blouse, and a pin. I will post pictures soon, as they will be part of my up coming outfits. I cannot wait to wear them!! They were fresh to the floor and are super cute!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!


Friday, September 4, 2009

The Lady with the Alligator Purse

Today I went to pick up my purse from the leather repair shop. I was so excited to see how it looked and that excitement grew once I saw my bag! I tried out a new shoe repair shop since the one my mom used to go to has since closed. Needless to say, I will be returning if and when I need something else repaired. This guy did an excellent job. He couldn't repair the handle so he made a new one out of matching leather, and didn't charge me!! I was happy that he did a new handle, because now I won't worry when using this bag, the leather will definitely hold up better than alligator would. He also oiled and polished the outside. It really shines!!!! This $10 estate sale find has really blossomed into something I can cherish for many years to come.

Since finding this bag, I really wanted some shoes to match. I'm the kind of girl that really likes to have shoes that matches my purses. Since the bag wasn't exactly what I was looking for, (I had a 40's box style in mind on my vintage wish list) I really wanted to find shoes that would bring out a 40's look. I found this pair pictured on eBay for a real steal and am now waiting their arrival in the mail. I really cannot wait until they come!! I have the perfect late 30's coat that I want to wear with the shoes and bag once it gets a little bit colder here in Michigan.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Product Review: Max Factor Pan-Stick and Jane Blushing Cheeks

I have seen quite a few product reviews lately both on YouTube and other blogs. I find them very helpful, so I thought I would feature two of my favorite make-up products. Having very fair skin often creates problems when trying to find the right shade of make-up to wear. More times than not, most make-up products are not light enough for my skin tone. This is mostly the problem with foundations products.

Over the years I have tried out a lot of different foundations and last weekend I finally found the BEST product I have ever used. I took a trip to ULTA, which is this really great beauty store (and I can't believe it's been in my area for a little more than a year and just found out about it). Great store, anyways, I picked up this Max Factor Pan Stick because they were all out of the ULTA brand that I was going to try. I must admit, the biggest reason I went with the Max Factor was because it has been around for so long and I feel it's like a vintage product. I've been trying it out for the past few days now and I am super impressed. I have been applying it as a concealer and skipping a foundation (just applying it to the spots that needs it) and it is wonderful!!! It stays on all day and fully covers any red spots all while matching my skin tone. I got the NUDE IVORY shade and it matches very well. This stick was $7.99 and considering how large the stick is, I know it will last me a long time and I will probably never have to try another foundation or concealer product again!

My other favorite product is Jane Blushing Cheeks blush, in Blushing Babydoll. My fair skin also makes it difficult to find blush. Normally all the light colors are bright pinks and that doesn't really go well with my complexion. I found this blush about four or five years ago when I was in high school. I love that it is a darker color and more rosy than pink. It also goes on light and I feel it works well with my light skin and dark hair combination. I don't know how much this one costs, as the last time I bought a tub of blush was at least a year ago, which tells you how long it lasts...and I use it everyday!!

These are my two "can't live without" beauty products!! So if you are looking to try out some new make-up, I high recommend these two products!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Family Gems

My Great-Grandma and my Grandma Margaret

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. For a while there I was on a roll!! This weekend kept me super busy. Saturday I ran errands, the dry cleaners and the leather goods repair man. I had to get some of my latest vintage finds dry cleaned and a purse repaired. I pick them both up tomorrow, I am so excited!! I can't wait to blog about them. :) Sunday. I spent the day with one of my good girlfriends. We went to an estate sale and a flea market. I found some goodies at both (pictures in a future post). I also saw "Public Enemies" and I really liked it A LOT. I really enjoyed the 30's style clothing and it is inspiring me to search out some 30's clothing to wear.

Anyways, tonight's post was inspired by today's episode of "Antiques Roadshow." I just love that show, I have been watching it for years. I remember watching it as a kid, it probably aided my already blooming curiosity for old things. The last item appraised tonight was a set of jewelry that was simply gorgeous. I love when jewelry shows up on the show because it is one of my biggest collecting passions. I have been extremely lucky to inherit some lovely pieces of jewelry from the amazing women in my family. The bracelet above was hand down to me from my Grandma who received it from her mother. I think it is the most beautiful costume bracelet ever and plan to wear it on my wedding day as my something old if I ever get married.

These are two of my favorite rings. The wedding set was my Great-Grandmother's. She was married in 1912, so these rings are almost 100 years old. I always feel like a million bucks whenever I wear them. They were a special gift from my mom on my 21st birthday. The star sapphire ring was my Grandma's. I have the fondest memories of seeing my Grandma wear this -- it was her "every day ring." She kept her most precious rings for special occasions only and she still does to this day.

My hope is that some day I have a daughter so I can pass these lovely family heirlooms down to her to enjoy for the next century or so!