Saturday, March 20, 2010

Film Fashion Friday: Netflix Instants

It seems that I have a theme going for March, featuring a few films from selected specific areas. This week I am focusing on some of the films you can stream instantly through Netflix. I love Netflix and have been very happy with their service. It's also really nice that they have a lot of great classics to stream live from your computer or PS3. If you haven't tried Netflix before, I highly recommend taking advantage of their free trial. If anything, you will have access to a plethora of instant films, including the ones featured in this post.

I absolutely adore this first film, Father's Little Dividend (1951). It's a really cute film with some classic '50s looks designed by one of my favorites -- Helen Rose (please pardon my miss-spelled name in the photo). I love the cast in this film too, which includes Elizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tracy, and Billie Burke.

The next film, My Man Godfrey (1936), is often considered among the best of the screwball comedies and I fully agree. I love the premise of the story: a rich man decides to take a job as a butler and then falls into a love triangle of sorts. Plus the on-screen chemistry between William Powell and Carole Lombard is hard to miss. If you are into '30s glamour and haven't seen this film yet, you definitely need to check it out! The gowns by Brymer are simply divine!!

The last film for this week is Cleopatra (1963). I decided to add this one in becuase it was recently just added to the instant section and I feel the wonderful make-up by Alberto De Rossi makes it worth watching. The costumes were designed by two different people; Novarese took care of the men and Renie designed for the women. This film made me really get into the egyptian look because I felt the costumes were more egyptian inspired than authentic, plus Liz has like a million costume changes!!

Since I sorta have a self imposed mini series going on, next week will conclude the weekly themes for Film Fashion Friday and the following week I will return to more normal posts. Keep sending in your requests!



Betty2Tone said...

I will def. be putting some of these on my netflix list! Now that my midterms are over, I have way more free time to watch old movies! :)

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