Friday, December 31, 2010

Film Fashion Friday: Bachelor Mother (1939)

Film Fashion Friday is back!! I am really excited to be sharing this movie with you all. It's a prefect watch for New Years Eve and supplies a wide range of fashion inspiration for the winter weather and holiday party season.

The Players

Ginger Rogers.....Polly Parrish
David Niven.....David Merlin
Charles Coburn.....J.B. Merlin
Frank Albertson.....Freddie Miller

Directed by Garson Kanin
Gowns by Irene

Polly Parrish works as holiday help for Merlin's Department Store. On her lunch break on her final day she sees a lady leaving a baby on a door stoop. Worried about the child, she picks him up and the agency assumes she is the mother. Polly insists that the child is not hers, that she was only concerned about him rolling off the stoop, but the agency feels Polly is making up her story to cover up being an unwed mother. The agency then approaches Polly's employer, David Merlin to give Polly her job back in order to keep the child and be able to support him. What follows is a series of events that place Polly and David together. Polly eventually becomes attached to the baby and to David. Will David be able to confess his feelings for Polly?

Fashion Review
Bachelor Mother (1939) is one of the many movies I had been patiently waiting for to be released on DVD. I remember a few years ago, watching it in parts on You Tube and falling in love with all the different outfits Ginger Rogers sports. In this role, Rogers really encompasses what many of us vintage gals try to achieve on a daily basis. She is a middle class, working gal which is embodied in her look throughout the film. One of my particularly favorite scenes is when David Niven's character sends for a gown, fur coat, and all the extras to supply a dressy look for Rogers on New Years Eve. What girl wouldn't love to have a beau who owned a department store? :)

Irene designed the gowns for this film and she no doubt selected and put together the other looks for the main female characters in the film. Irene was born in South Dakota in 1901 and went to Wolf School of Design. Although her first career choice was in the music field, her fiance quickly changed her mind and persuaded her to open a dress shop. This event would lead to Irene's influence career in Hollywood. Until she sign a contract with MGM, Irene did freelance work for Paramount, RKO, Columbia, and United Artists out of her Wilshire Costume Design Salon. After her work at MGM, Irene created Irene Inc. which was supported by 25 department stores which were given exclusive rights to Irene designs. I have yet to come across an Irene original in my vintage hunts, but still have hope that some day I might come across one!

Irene also throughout her whole career designed stars personal wardrobes, just as many other costume designers did. What I love about Irene's designs is that no matter what era you are viewing, her work is consistently good. I know that if I am watching a film with Irene deigns, I will get some great gowns and well put together head to toe looks. This idea is truly encompassed in the scene in Bachelor Mother where David has his help get all the items for Polly from stockings and hankies to a fur coat and corsage.

Fashion Grade 8/10 (Love the complete and consistently pulled together looks from scene to scene. Plus, Ginger Roger's hair is also to die for!!)

Bachelor Mother is available on DVD through the Warner Archive Collection and is available to rent through It has also been on You Tube in different segments.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Outfit Post of 2010

Two evenings ago, my family and I went out to celebrate my mom's birthday. Like always, I take any event outside the home to be an occasion to dress up. I really love this dress, but it is too big for me now and decided this to be the last time I would wear it. There is only so much one can do with a belt to hide excess. I might put it up on etsy, if anyone is interested in it, shoot me an email or comment and I can send details.

I have been suffering from an awful cold, which has given me a chance to catch up on my movie watching -- something I have so missed while school is in session. I never thought I would long for the days when I had to watch movies for homework. Reading novels is fun, but I would much rather do that in my leisure time. For me, watching movies are fun all the time! :)

I am so looking forward to 2011. I have big plans for this blog and can't wait to start blogging more. I also want to try to dress better on a daily basis. It's so easy to get caught up in wearing jeans and hoodies when you have to deal with Michigan weather. Each year I get better at making more of an effort to dress well, but I really want 2011 to be a new year, a new decade of positive changes in my life.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve!!!


Dress & Hat: eBay

Shoes: Ferndale D.I.Y.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Teddy Bear Muff for the Kiddies

Yesterday I was flipping through my collection of vintage magazines to find some articles for something I am planning for the blog for 2011 and I came across this sweet little pattern for a children's muff. I thought it would be something great to share with my readers, especially since I know quite a few of you have little ones or have one on the way.

This comes from a December 1958 edition of "Woman and Home." (Click on the images to enlarge them).

They were originally letter sized, so if you would like to print them out, they will be actual size. If anyone makes one of these, please email me or comment and let me know. I'd love to see your results!!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Wrap-Up

Hello Dear Readers! Hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday! My family and I had a very laid back Christmas this year, so no photos of a Christmas outfit since I didn't dress up at all. I am planning on getting all done up for New Years Eve and found a wonderful dress for a stellar deal and I cannot wait to share it with you all. :)

I thought I would share two of my most favorite gifts this year. Neither are vintage, but both are things I have been wanting for a LONG time!

The first is a locket from my beau. I have been wanting a locket for ages and my beau wanted me to get the one I liked, so I picked this one out. I wanted something simple and sort of timeless and also something in white gold or silver. I found this one at Sears of all places and I am really impressed with it. The locket itself is very heavy and is quite sturdy. I am sure it will last for many years and I will probably be able to pass it down in the family.

The second is from my mom, a wallet from Vera Bradley. I have been meaning to do a post on Vera Bradley products for a long time. I love their products, not only because they are super cute, but they also are washable. And, up until a few years ago, all of their products were made in the USA. I really like supporting companies that make their products here. Vera Bradley still makes many of their products here, but not all of them, which to me is better than having all of their items outsourced. Anyways, I like that many of their patterns are vintage or retro looking and are made with quality in mind. When my mom was in one of their stores last, she asked a sales lady if she could possibly give her a discount to get a new bag because some of the stitching was coming undone on her older bag. The sales lady went into the back and got her a brand new bag, telling my mom that it was company policy to stand behind their products. Love it!! I am really in love with this wallet -- it is cute, functional, and has a bit of retro flare to it. I love vintage, but I also love new products that have an old timey feel to them.

Both my parents and my beau got me lots of classic films on dvd, so expect more Film Fashion Friday posts in the new year. I can't wait to get watching!!

What was your favorite Christmas gift this year?


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A New Do

Last week I decided very spur of the moment to get a haircut. I wanted to try something completely different from anything I had before and I wanted to do something kinda short. I ended up getting a bob and will probably be trying out some 30s hair styles soon. I bought this curling iron from Ulta to try out some faux finger waves. Once I get some decent results, I will share on the blog.

I wore this outfit to a cool little local event in Detroit, the Holiday Baar Bazaar. The Bazaar featured a night of shopping and sipping on some beer or wine. The vendors included some vintage clothing and housewares, vintage records, and crafty goods. I bought the cute little bobby pins below. I have a mild fascination with sparrows and thought these would be fun with my new haircut, plus they were only $5. The seller has an etsy shop, which can be found HERE.

50s Dress: eBay

Shoes, Owl Necklace: JC Penny

Sweater, Tights: Target

Belt: Kohls

Vintage E Pin: Estate Sale

60s Earrings: Mother Fletchers

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vintage Lobby Cards

Firstly, I would like to thank all my lovely readers for their kind comments and warm wishes on my post about my Grandma. In the future, I do plan on sharing more of the vintage photos she had given me throughout the years. Also, to answer Coedith's question: the photo I used in that post was of my Grandma's Lutheran Confirmation, so the diploma in the photo is a certificate of her work and welcoming her into the church.


One of my goals for my month long break from graduate school was to get some long awaited projects done. One of these projects was to get some frames and frame a few of my vintage lobby cards to decorate my office at school with. Graduate students are given offices at my university and we are required to hold office hours as well. This past semester I only came to my office to study, since being a lab instructor meant there were not required office hours. However, since I will be doing lectures this coming semester I will be spending much more time in there and I did not want to be surrounded by grey walls and boring office furniture.

Last week, I headed over to Joann's and picked up the frames that the cards are pictured in above for only a little over $3 each. I ended up getting all that they had in stock, which was six, and next week before Christmas, I am going to decorate with the lobby cards and some swanky swigs to hold my pens. I also have an incomplete vintage desk set of bookends and a letter holder, both in the shape of poodles, which I am also probably going to take in. Once I get it all set up, I'll post some pictures here on the blog.

I have been collecting lobby cards for a few years now and am so glad I finally have a place to display them, rather then just having them sit in an archive box. Hopefully my students will enjoy seeing a piece of film history when they visit my office.

If you work in an office or cubical, have you decked it out vintage style?


Monday, December 13, 2010

Mixing of Eras

For a recent family outing in which dressy attire was required, I decided to go monochromatic and wear all black and also mix some of my vintage pieces from different eras to create a fresh look. Besides my undergarments, my tights are the only new piece in the whole outfit -- everything else is vintage! Most of the pieces are from either the 50s or the 60s and I tried to tie the look together by doing a more of a 60s do with my hair.

I think this dress is my new favorite "little black dress." It has a high neck so it is so easy to wear almost anything over top of it, plus its sleeveless, so there aren't a bunch of layers bulking it up.

I also wore a vintage coat and gloves over the dress, but forgot to take pictures. What a good blogger I am! ;)


Dress: Lost and Found Vintage

Vintage Heels: Garage Sale

60s Earrings: Mother Fletchers

Sweater with Faux Fur Collar: Bloomfield Hills Vintage Clothing Expo

Tights: Target

Belt: Off a 40s Dress

Sunday, December 12, 2010

You Will Be Missed

My Grandma at 13 at her confirmation, Spring 1933.

I felt like I needed to do a little post to explain my unexpected absence from blogging these past few weeks. On Thanksgiving, my dear Grandma passed away. It was incredibly sad, but peaceful. We are all comforted by knowing she is in a better place and not in pain anymore.

I know I have blogged about my wonderful Grandma before, sharing some of her vintage photos and I plan to continue; to remember her and honer her life. She was a huge part of my life and was my biggest vintage fan. She always loved to see the neat stuff I found at sales and thrift stores. I definitely inherited my love of a bargain and jewelry from her, thanks Grandma!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Product Review: Maybelline New York Falsies Mascara

I am a self confessed mascara nut. I love have thick, long, dark lashes and am on a consent search for the perfect mascara. I used to love Max Factor, but stupid P & G decided to no longer carry Max Factor in the USA. I don't know what I am going to do when my pan stick runs out. If any of my UK readers would be willing to send me some, I could send you something too!!

Anyways, I was on a make-up buying spree the other day and decided to try out Maybelline's Falsies Mascara. I was quite skeptical, as I feel that most of these companies and their claims never really seem to be true, but to my surprise, it actually did most of the things it promises to do.

I find that it makes my lashes longer, a bit fuller, and overall gives the slight appearance of fake lashes. While I don't feel that it really gives the look of "falsies" I do like that it washes off pretty easily and doesn't flake while wearing. I do find that it can have the tendency to clump a bit, but I do like to put on a few coats, so if you are only putting on one, I don't see the clumping to be a problem. I think with this mascara that how you apply it is everything.

My overall rating is 4 out of 5. It's priced under $10 and does most of what it says it will do.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How About An Outfit Post?

I can't believe how long I have been away from blogging! So much has been going on here; grad school is keeping me VERY busy. But, the good news is that the semester ends in exactly 17 days and I CANNOT wait!!!

This photo is back from October when I attended the vintage clothing expo. I bought two dresses and a suit, which I still need to photograph! I also need to take in the suit jacket and replace the zipper and button on the skirt. I got the suit for a major deal though, only $20 (it was a deal considering how high everything was priced at this thing). It's early 50s and is the most lovely grey color. Photos of my finds to follow.

I love this dress... and so did many of the dealers at the expo. :)


Dress: Lost and Found Vintage

Shoes, Earrings, & Bakelite Bracelet: Estate Sales

Purse: St. Louis Estate Sale

Hat: St. Louis Antique Mall

Belt: Target

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long Overdue Update: Midland Flea Market Finds

So... Over a month ago I went to the biggest flea market in Michigan, the Midland Flea Market. The show is held over three different dates in the summer and I always like to go to the final date, as the dealers are trying to clean out their stock and normally offer some really stellar deals. This year was no exception.

30s-40s Beaded Handbag. The frame might be bakelite, although I haven't tested it yet. $15

Pictured in this post are some of my favorite finds. Since starting to collect vintage seriously, I now find myself purchasing fewer items, but am willing to pay a little bit more. Mostly this is due to having quite a large collection and having most of my most wanted items, but also because I want to buy less stuff.

Swanky Pitcher with glass lid! I have never seen one with a glass lid before, have you? $7.50

Not pictured is my favorite find of the market, a diamond ring from my absolute favorite estate jewelry dealers. Last year I bought a really pretty diamond solitaire pendent dating from around 1890. I promise I'll post a picture of the ring soon. I took it off while helping with the dishes at my beau's house and forgot it there!

Carved Bakelite Bracelet, $5

I was super stoked to find an affordable piece of bakelite at the market. I am still amazed at how expensive bakelite has gotten. I wish I had a larger collection, but I kinda jumped on the bakelite bandwagon a little late in the game. I get excited anytime I find a piece for $10 or less.

Tin Box, possibly held candy. $2

This was one of the first things I bought at the market. I collect these little tin boxes and when the price is right I indulge myself. I think that I need to curb my habit for buying containers. I don't know what it is about jars or tin boxes or the like that fascinate me.

I also bought the most amazing enamel top kitchen table from the 30s. I forgot to take a picture of it before putting it into storage, but trust me, it is pretty great! Instead of being white on the top it is brown and looks like a woodgrain, something I have never seen before. I got the table for a real steal -- $45. Besides my ring, it was the big purchase of the day.

My beau got a lot of cool things two, including a wood carving of John Wayne and a really awesome orange travel record player. I am already starting to save a little bit of money for next year! :)


Friday, October 22, 2010

Film Fashion Friday: Mr. Lucky (1943)

Sorry I haven't been doing a good job of keeping up with this series and really this blog in general. I have a whole slew of films just waiting to be shared with you all! This film for this week, Mr. Lucky (1942), is a Warner Archive release and one that I was super excited about when I discovered the Warner Archive. Let me just say that what Warner Bros. has been doing with the Archive is really something special. I feel that it is so important that us classic film lovers and vintage enthusiasts that love old films show our support by purchasing dvds from the Warner Archive. I am by no means getting paid or sponsored to say this, but it is my opinion that if we do not help these companies willing to sell classic films on dvd, the sales of all classic film dvds might cease to exist. Anyways, I'll get off my soapbox now.....

The Players

Cary Grant.....Joe Adams
Laraine Day.....Dorothy Bryant
Charles Bickford.....Hard Swede
Gladys Cooper.....Captain Veronica Steadman

Directed by H.C. Potter
Gowns Designed by Renie

Joe Adams (Cary Grant) is a man in the gambling business; but when it comes time that Joe might have to gamble with his own life, he decides to dodge the draft and take his chances. Since receiving his 4-F rating, Joe is free to cook up some new schemes, which include swindling a great deal of money from a female war relief group. In order to do this, Joe must join the group and act as one of the members. Here he meets Dorothy (Laraine Day), one of the leaders of the group. The two eventually fall in love, as to be expected, and Joe must decide whether or not to go through with the job. Will he choose love or money?

Fashion Review
When I first viewed this film, I was immediately stuck by the fabulous hats the female leads and extras were sporting throughout the course of the film. While majority of the women are shown in typical 40s suits, which can sometimes be a bit boring if that's all the women are wearing from scene to scene, the hats in this film really stood out because of the more simplistic attire. I also feel that this film makes an excellent case study for how accessories during WWII were used as a way to spice up outfits and add elements of style to a rather simple look of the suit. I also like to see fashion directors to pay attention to not only their leads, but their extras as well, something this film does a wonderful job with. Sometimes it's the extras that are wearing the more interesting hat!

The only costume credit on this film is Renie for gown design. Towards the end of the film is the charity benefit, which is a formal event, and the gowns definitely do not disappoint. I do wish that there was a credit for who choose/made the hats for this film, as I feel they are an intricate part of the costume design. Renie, or Irene Brouillet Conley as she was known in her private life, had a long career in Hollywood; beginning in the late 30s and ending in the early 80s. She pretty much worked up until the last ten years of her life, which I am assuming was spent in retirement. Some of her fashion sketches belong to the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, which seems to own quite a bit of Adrian's work as well. I am not sure if these items are always on exhibit, but it definitely has given me something to research!

Fashion Grade: 6/10 (Watch this film mostly for the hats and for the charity dance sequence)

Mr. Lucky is available for purchase through the Warner Archive and to rent through Classicflix.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vintage Clothing Expo in Michigan!!!

[Image found from Life Magazine]

It's back! This Saturday is the Bloomfield Hills Jewelry and Vintage Apparel Show. I went back in spring and found so many wonderful items at really affordable prices. If you live in Southeastern Michigan make sure you check out this event!! Look for a full report on any and all finds after Saturday.


***Just as a note, I am not being paid to promote this event. I am simply posting it so other vintage clothing lovers may be aware of it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Hello!

It's that time of year again.... School time, the time in which my life becomes devoted to homework and paper writing. It has been so hard for me to get back in the swing of things and adjust to my new routine. I have really missed blogging these past few weeks and am hoping that I can get this new schedule down so I can get back to blogging.

Way back in September, there was a DIY festival near my beau's home. I was pretty excited since there was going to be a few vintage clothing vendors there and this festival was marketed as an affordable arts and crafts fair. Imagine my excited when I came across these boots:

And these that were sitting right next to them:

Both pairs fit and were priced at $14 each. I seriously could not get the money out fast enough! Then the real surprise came. As I was paying for the boots, the lady informs me that inside each boot is a pair of heels. I was already so ecstatic about finding these boots, in my size, at a great price, and wait.... with two pairs of vintage heels too? It sounded too good to be true.
I waited until we got home to check out the heels because it was getting dark out and I didn't want to have to fiddle with them in the big crowd. I really couldn't believe what I found inside. The pair above was in the brown boots and the pair below were in the black.
My beau thought I was silly for wearing around the shoes all weekend. I was just too thrilled to take them off. Definitely one of the best deals I have ever gotten in my life. I am willing to bet that I got all four pairs for cheaper than it would have cost to by them in the 40s! :)


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vintage Wedding Website

The other day while searching for an image of a classic film star on google, I came across a photo that lead me to Rock N' Roll Bride, a website devoted to sharing edgy weddings. I don't know about you, but I love weddings and I love reading about them -- especially ones that have a vintage flare to them. Since I fell in love with so many of the photos on the site, I thought I would share the link with everyone to check out. Regardless if you are planning a wedding or not, this site offers up some really great love stories along with some truly beautiful imagery.


*Photo from

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vintage Twins

Last week I attended an estate sale what was FULL of vintage costume jewelry. The entire front room of the sale was jam packed with boxes and tables of rhinestones and anything that sparkles. I picked up a lot of great pieces, including a pair of yellow bakelite carved hoop earrings for $3. My favorite find would have to be these scatter pins which are an exact match to these earrings from my grandma. I also found a pair of costume earrings that were twins of a pair I bought from Lana Turner's daughter. I left those for someone else to find and treasure, but it was so cool to discover so many vintage twins at this sale. I have occasionally come across the same dress, but that is VERY few and far between. Have you ever found a vintage twin out there to something you already own?


Friday, September 24, 2010

Swirls and Snoods

I can't believe how fast September has flown by! Life sure has gotten crazy now that I am back in school, teaching, and working all at once. I hardly have had time for estate sales lately, well at least not on the first day that they open. I am super excited for this weekend; there is a HUGE flea market in Midland, MI that is seriously the biggest flea I know of in the state. They hold it three times over the summer and this weekend is their final date for the season. I have gone the last two years and always come back with lots of goodies!!

On another note, Wednesday was the last official day of summer and I wore my newest addition to my Swirl collection. I just had to have this one because of the yellow in it -- my favorite color! I am also still trying to get use to setting my new cut. It didn't really turn out as expected this particular day, so I opted for a snood to remedy the problem. Don't you just love snoods? They are better than a ponytail, in my opinion.


50s Swirl and Bakelite Earrings: eBay

Bakelite Bracelets: Estate Sale

Shoes: Converse

Friday, September 17, 2010

Film Fashion Friday: Daytime Wife (1939)

Just in time for the back to school season and budding fall weather here in the States, today's Film Fashion Friday selection highlights suits, hats, and accessories all fitting for this time of year for the vintage gal.

The Players

Linda Darnell.....Jane Norton
Tyrone Power.....Ken Norton
Binnie Barnes.....Blanche
Warren William.....Barnard "Barney" Dexter

Directed by George Ratoff
Costumes Designed by Royer

If you like Linda Darnell's hat in the above photo, take a look at these two hats (1 & 2) that I found on etsy that are quite similar.

Jane and Ken Norton are what seems to be the prefect married couple. The night of the Norton's second wedding anniversary, Jane has stages a fabulous surprise celebration for Ken, but Ken does not show up. What he does succeed in doing is forgetting the couple's anniversary, spurring Blanche, Jane's close friend, to concluded that Ken is running around with another woman, his secretary none less! Jane becomes intrigued with secretarial life and how they factor into their boss's life. Jane decides the only way to figure out what's going on is to take a job as a secretary. What Jane doesn't know is that her new boss is a work relation of her husband's. What follows is a series of close calls and funny run-ins to avoid her husband finding her out. Does the couple reunite or does Jane's new job show her a new way of life?

Fashion Review
While doing a bit of further research on this film, I was saddened to find so many poor reviews of Daytime Wife (1939). While I am not here to argue that this is amongst the greatest of the screwball genre, I do feel it deserves much more credit than it is given; and not just from a fashion stand point. In only her second film appearance, Linda Darnell proves that she can handle a leading role and look fabulous while doing so. She was only 16 at the time. I do agree that Tyrone Power is a bit weak throughout the course of the film, but that doesn't detract much from film on a whole; especially since I find this screwball plot fresh and creative, telling the story of remarriage in a unique way that many of its contemporaries did not (i.e. giving power to the female character and presenting an almost feminist message).

The costumes were designed by Royer, who has his roots in 30s costume design. Royer started at 20th Century FOX in 1933 as a "studio stylist" and stayed on until 1939. From 1940 to 1942 he work at Hal Rauch Studios. Royer would go on to be a fashion advisor for Lord and Taylor. He also taught at NYU, Columbia University, and New York School of Fine and Applied Art.

Daytime Wife displays Royer's sheer talent and his experience in dressing actors in both scenes of formal wear and daytime attire of the late 1930s. I am especially drawn to all the little details and accessories Darnell is seen wearing throughout the film. She is always wearing a great hat and some sparkly jewels to go with it. This film is really making me wish for colder weather to come so I can pull out my 40s suits and hats. I also really like that Darnell, and all the female workers for that matter, are shown dressing to the nines for work, something I feel current society does not still practice. When did it come acceptable for us to just roll out of bed and come to work? I don't even like wearing dress pants to work, I feel so unprofessional. Maybe it's just the vintage girl inside of me!

Fashion Grade: 9/10 (for numerous costume changes and exemplifying the entire wardrobe of a middle class/upper middle class female in 1939 from sleep wear to evening wear).

Daytime Wife is available in the Tyrone Power Matinee Idol Box Set and through Netflix and ClassicFlix to rent.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dally in Detroit

Last weekend, Detroit held a little flea market/festival thing called Dally in the Alley. What is so cool about this is it is held in old little alleys in a really sweet part of "historic Detroit." Above is one of the really great buildings that was in the area.

It was a hot day on Sunday, so I got one more chance to wear this blouse and skirt set before fall weather arrives. I love this set; definitely one of the best vintage buys I have ever made. I like that I can wear them together or separate the top and skirt to make completely different outfits. Aren't separates great?!


Blouse & Skirt Set, Handbag: Estate Sales

Belt: American Apparel

Black Flats: JC Penny

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New 'Do

As I mentioned in my last post, two weekends ago I got a haircut and decided to get bangs this time. I am really loving the shorter hair and am even considering going a bit shorter before winter comes.

I was super excited when this dress fit me -- it came off the center rack, featuring hand picked vintage styles, which normally doesn't have plus sizes. It's kinda hard to tell in the photo (I got a little too carried away with fancying it up), but the dress is in the most lovely shades of pastel blue, pink, and lavender, with just a hint of navy accent.

On a completely other note, several weeks ago I mentioned a 125 followers giveaway and never got around to it. I am in the process of putting all the lovely prizes together, so look for this soon!!!


Dress: Lost and Found Vintage

Shoes: Target

Belt: Off Another Dress

Handbag: Salvation Army

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A New Beginning....

Sorry I have been gone for the past week or so. Last Wednesday I started grad school and my graduate assistantship. To say that I was/am a bit overwhelmed is an understatement. It definitely was a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things, but now that I have started both classes, I have a better feel for things and my new schedule.

I wore this two weekends ago, while it was still hot enough here to wear a summer dress; it has since cooled off considerably. This is also the last photo of me with long hair -- I got a haircut the day after this photo was taken. I am also sporting my new bakelite bracelets that I found at an estate sale for $1 each!!! My first time finding bakelite in the "wild!!"


Dress and Bakelite Hoops: eBay

Sweater: Target

Bakelite Bracelets: Estate Sale

Friday, September 3, 2010

Film Fashion Friday: Love Before Breakfast (1936)

After a long debate, I have decided to bring back Film Fashion Friday. I needed to reminded myself why I decided to begin this feature in the first place: to aid my Masters work and to share lesser known classic films with my readers. Since this type of feature is now not unique to my blog alone, I am refocusing my goals with these biweekly posts. Instead of just looking at lesser known films, I want to keep my attention on films made during the 20s-60s that represent the fashion of that period; I am weeding out period dramas made post 1960. I feel that most of my readers have heard of or seen these films and I would much rather feature films that have primary verses secondary examples of vintage fashion inspiration. I have also decided to restructure these posts with regards to how they are formatted. Now that I have all the logistics out of the way, let's move onto this week's feature: Love Before Breakfast (1936).

The Players

Carole Lombard.....Kay Colby
Preston Foster.....Scott Miller
Cesar Romero.....Bill Wadsworth
Janet Beecher.....Mrs. Colby
Betty Lawford.....Countess Jane Campanella

Directed by Walter Lang
Miss Lombard's gowns by Travis Banton
Other gowns by Brymer

Carole Lombard is caught between two men in this classic 30s comedy of remarriage. Kay Colby is engaged to Will but has captivated the heart of Scott. When Scott buys the company Will works for and sends him to Japan in an effort to gain some alone time to win the heart of Kay, a love triangle beings to form. Who will win Kay's heart and exchange wedding vows at the conclusion of the film? Will it be the button-pusher Scott or the blue collar Will?

Fashion Review
Not being widely familiar with Carole Lombard, I didn't really know quite what to expect on the fashion level when I purchased the Glamour Collection box set featuring six of Lombard's films from the mid-1930s. I must say, I was impressed with this film's use of both gowns and daily/sport attire. Lombard's gowns were designed by Travis Banton, who worked with the actress on a number of films, most notably My Man Godfrey (1936). I feel that Banton has a true talent for designing the figure hugging liquid satin gowns that are synonymous with the 1930s. I would highly recommend checking out his library if you are a 30s gal at heart and are looking for inspiration. I really like his take on the 30s gown; simple yet never plain.

Brymer did the rest of the supporting cast's gowns, primarily Betty Lawford and Janet Beecher, both whom sport some pretty fabulous looks throughout the course of the film. I feel Brymer did particularly well to dress the supporting female characters in a way that would enhance Lombard, but also allow the supporting actress to have a look distinctly all her own. Both Mrs. Colby and the Countess each have their own "look" that is unique to them, but also allows for Lombard to stand out as the lead female of the film.

One of the things I really loved about the fashion in this film is the keen eye for detail not only with the film's leads but also with all the extras in the film (you can see some smartly dressed extras in the scenes that take place in the nightclubs). This is one of the main fashion strongpoints of the film.

Fashion Grade: 8/10 (for good use of both formal and informal attire).

Love Before Breakfast is available on DVD in the Carole Lombard: The Glamour Collection and is available to rent though

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Most of the time, I love living in the Metro Detroit area. We have a lot of old movie palaces, some great downtown areas, decent vintage shopping, and a great zoo. Last week, the zoo held a special event for adults called "Zoomance." The zoo was open from 6-9 p.m. just for adults 21+ to walk around, sip some wine, and enjoy the animals and lovely atmosphere. It had been about ten years since I had been to the zoo, so the beau offered to take me to Zoomance. I decided I wanted to channel the look of what a gal in the 40s might have worn to walk around the zoo. I've had this dress for a while and never knew quite where to wear it to, so a trip to the zoo seemed like a perfect place to debut it.

We had lovely weather that evening and almost all of the animals were out and about!


Dress: Mother Fletchers

Shoes: Re-Mix

Earrings: Great Aunts

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pink and Red Plaid

I can't believe how quickly this summer flew by!! It was so nice to have a summer off from school and be able to get in some great vacations before I had to buckle down and begin work on my Masters. Classes officially begin tomorrow, but I don't start until a week from today. I am both excited and a bit nervous for classes to start..... a little anxious to see how it will be to balance out school, work, and running film labs. I was offered a graduate assistant position in the Cinema Studies department (which is where my undergrad is from) and gladly accepted. I think working with the other film professors is what I am most excited about!!

Here's what I am wearing while I enjoy my last few days of summer freedom:

Dress: Lost and Found Vintage
Shoes: Target
Belt, 40s Watch, & Handbag: Estate Sales
Earrings: Salvation Army


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Woodward Dream Cruise 2010

Two weekends ago was the Woodward Dream Cruise here in Southeastern Michigan. The cruise is pretty much the only yearly event in my area that has a vintage theme to it and one that I can count on partaking in every year. It's also pretty cool to live in the area that is home to the largest one day classic car show that hails over 40,000 cars each year.

This year it rained during the day, so the beau and I decided to wait and go in the evening when there was less of a chance for rain. While it wasn't rainy, the evening proved to be rather humid and thus, produced my flat hair that appears in the photo above.

I always enjoy going to the cruise because it's the one day a year I don't get weird looks and I actually blend in with the crowd. Plus, it feels like you have been transported back in time, being surrounded by all the classic cars!


Dress & Shoes: eBay

Purse, Earrings, & Watch: Estate Sales

Belt: Target

Coin Bracelet: Vintage Shop in Chicago

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Weekend Uniform

These last few weeks of summer have been keeping me super busy and away from my computer. Since I did not have any classes this summer to take, I have really taken advantage of enjoying a lazy school free summer.

This past weekend was jam packed with lost of estate sale shopping and a trip to Eastern Market, a large farmers market in Detroit. I didn't find anything too spectacular at the estate sales, but the beau did score a really awesome hanging lamp that drips oil. Now we just need to figure out how to make it work..... make the oil start dripping again, that is.

The weekend also gave me a chance to wear my new Swirl, which I got on eBay for the large sum of $5 with shipping included!!! The top is a little faded and there are a few speckles of paint, but it was a great price and is perfect for estate sales and flea markets; for when I want to dress vintage but not have to worry about ruining my vintage clothing. Plus I have having pockets so I don't need to carry a purse around everywhere.


50s Swirl: eBay

Shoes: Target

40s Watch: Estate Sale