Thursday, March 11, 2010

90 Years Ago Today....

...My cute Grandma was born!! I can't believe she is 90, only a decade away from a century. Her older sister lived to be 95, she passed away in 2008.

Even though I had an older Grandma than majority of my peers going up, I wouldn't trade her for a younger one. I really feel she is a major reason why I developed a love for old things. When I would have sleep overs, Grandma would love to recount all the times she visited her Grandma on the family farm in Canada. She would tell me about all the different things they did on the farm and how she would play the organ for her Grandma, who called her Maggie. When I got a little older, Grandma brought out the letters she had saved that her Grandma wrote her. I loved reading them and dreaming about what it must have been like back then.
Even though Grandma has become pretty forgetful in the last two years, she can still remember her time spent on the farm like it was yesterday. I guess it's true, somethings you never forget!


Outfit Details

Dress: Mother Fletchers
Shoes & Purse: eBay
Sweater & Belt: Target
Earrings: Estate Sale


Betty2Tone said...

That's so cute! I have a Grandpa who just turned 100 and he still always tells the same type of stories! He also just loves it when I wear vintage stuff. If he compliments my outfit, I usually feel like I must be doing it right! :)

bunny said...

Your Granma is so cute! And the story that she recount you are a real treasure: keep them always in your heart!!!


JAN said...

Emily, What a wondeful tribute to your Grandmother. She looks wonderful and so do you. Tell you mom I miss her.
Take Care. Jan

Amy said...

I'll say it two favorite gals in the whole world. What would I do without you two? Thanks for being my right hand, Honey. You are the best!

Your Grateful Mom