Friday, January 29, 2010

Film Fashion Friday: The Dark Corner (1946)

Hello Readers!! Welcome to week three of actress month. This week's Lucy selection come from 1946, The Dark Corner. This has to be my favorite non-Dana Andrews film noir. Lucy and Mark Stevens are great together!! Mark plays a PI who gets framed for a murder. Lucy is his eager to help secretary -- in one of her best nonmusical roles (in my opinion). This is a wonderful Fox noir that features a great supporting cast, including Clifton Webb.

Kay Nelson designed the costumes -- putting Lucy in a slue of post war suits complete with great coats and bags. Other great Nelson pictures include Leave Her to Heaven, Boomerang, Gentleman's Agreement, and Miracle on 34th Street.

While Lucy's costumes are more "everyday" clothes, I think this film does a great job of accurately representing the normal middle class; something I think many Classical Hollywood films struggle with. Plus, I just love Lucy's role as Mark Stevens' "Girl Friday!"

Every time I watch The Dark Corner, I can't get over how much Mark Stevens looks like a combination of Dana Andrews and Robert Walker. I have a mad crush on Andrews!! I think like Dana Andrews, Mark Stevens is a very underrated actor. He is pretty good in this film, especially for a studio produced B film and some of his other films are exceptionally wonderful pictures.
This week's honorable mention has Lucy playing a money hungry chorus girl -- a more typical role for Ball -- in Dance, Girl, Dance (1940). For that reason, I have put this selection in the honorable mention section rather than the main film. This film is included in a box set of Lucy films and often gets brought up when thinking about Lucy's early career before I Love Lucy.

My goal with this series is the feature lesser known films and roles for big stars. I don't think The Dark Corner doesn't get talked about enough and my hope is that many of you will check out the film. Both of these films are available on DVD and Netflix.

Check back next Friday for the final Lucy week. If you would like to see another actress month, leave a comment with the actress of your choice. There will be an Audrey Hepburn week, as I have had a few request for her.



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