Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Little Winter Vacation; James Dean Style

I mentioned a few posts back that I was taking a little day trip to a bordering state to check out a Goodwill Outlet Store. Last Wednesday, my dad and I made the trip to Indiana so I could experience "the bins." And what an experience that was!! I'll post more about this later and include my finds (they are drying as I type).

On the way home from shopping, we stopped in Fairmont, Indiana to check out the James Dean Museum. It was a cute little museum that had a tiny antique shop in the back. Most of the items were movie memorabilia. The best attraction, pictured above, was the fence from Rebel without a Cause.
After the museum, we drove around the small town to check out the different landmarks. The people of Fairmont have put together a great little tour guide map of the town which included all of the important locations. The picture above is of the farm Dean grew up on. It is still in the family -- his cousins live there currently.
We also visited the school, where Dean began his acting and was also a member of the basketball team. The school is no longer in use and is in pretty bad shape. It was still pretty neat to see it, even if it is a sore sight.
One of the last places to visit was the motorcycle shop where Dean bought his fist bike. Like the high school, this shop is no longer in business, but the town has opted to keep it looking like it did when Dean lived there.

Like most teenagers, I was a huge fan of James Dean; which isn't to say that I am not today, only that I have broaden my tastes. I really enjoy his three films he made, East of Eden being my favorite. It was nice to stop and drive through the town. I never realized how close it was to where I live. I am a bit of a museum freak and love to stop at all sorts of museums. I was always the kid in school that was super excited when our field trip was to a museum; I guess it's the old soul in me!

If you ever get a chance to visit Fairmont, Indiana I would. It's such a cute old town that looks as though you are stepping back in time. Plus, there is a plethora of antique shops. I should also mention that the town hosts a James Dean Weekender and more information on this can be found here.


Now something off topic! I have added a poll to the side bar to take your votes on what you would like to see this year in the Film Fashion Friday posts. I have simply named categories, such as an actress themed month, a designer themed month, etc. I will announce the winner on Friday and then post a new poll for the different candidates for the selected category. Until then, please feel free to submit your suggestions on different people or themes you would like to see in this series. I really enjoy reader input!! :)



Lemondrop Marie said...

What a lovely post! Love his high school photo, so sweet. Happy New Year-
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

angie.a said...

Very cool. Giant is my favorite!

Amy said...

Who knew that there even was a James Dean museum? I'm glad you two had a good day. Now, I have to vote.


Rosie said...

What a fun weekend! Be sure to include an Audrey Hepburn month in your fashion posts!

Cedar said...

What a great little trip. I too love museums, and especially love seeing things like this--the homes people lived in and the schools they attended. What fun!

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