Friday, January 1, 2010

'30s Futuristic Fashion

Since this is New Years Day and we are embarking on a new decade, I think this old news reel is very fitting. I found it last semester while searching YouTube for old fashion news reels for a film project I was working on. A little history on the news reel can be found here.

Please do take a look, it's really interesting to see what older generations thought we would be wearing!! :)



Heidi said...

"ooh, SWISH!" :D

What a hoot! The funny thing is, they got some of it right!

DarenPRakowski said...


Raquelle said...

That's fascinating! Thank you so much for posting that video. I just sent the link to your post to my tweeps on Twitter.

Amy said...

Em....this was pretty interesting. You amaze me......don't stop : )


C. Dianne Zweig said...

Just stopped by some of my favorite blogs for the New year...come say hello, Dianne