Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter, Circa 1937

This photo comes out of the vintage black photo album, mentioned HERE. My grandma is in the front along with one of her sisters and in the back are two of their friends. The original is really small, like a 2X3, so it's hard for me to make out exactly who is who. I am pretty sure my grandma is the one with the lighter fur collar and spectacular over-boots. How stylish these gals were!!

This was taken at my great-grandma's home in Detroit, Michigan. My grandma was 17 at the time and I am thinking this was taken before church or some other semi-important outing, due to the dressy fur collared coats. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and steal their coats and boots!!! ;)

I always question my grandma as to why she didn't save more...especially her shoes. She had the most stylish shoes and this often comes to mind every time I look at these old photos. We wear the same size and sometimes I offer to let her try on my vintage shoes when I bring them home -- it must bring back fond memories for her. The things I do have from my grandma, I truly treasure. The clothing she has passed down to me are all skillfully handmade, my favorites being a 50's black velvet suit in a Chanel style and a 60's beige lace cocktail dress complete with a little lace jacket, which is very Jackie-O. I use to play dress up in the cocktail dress!! Now it hangs in my closet waiting to be worn to the right occasion.

I know my grandma is proud of passing down such treasures to me. She always says how proud her mother would be to see me wearing her coat each year on Christmas. She tells me how my great-grandma saved for that coat and how much it meant to her. I like to believe great-grandma is up in heaven, smiling every time her treasure takes another spin around the block.



Cynthia K. said...

Hi! You're so blessed to still have your grandma - see her as often as possible - you'll never regret it. I'm sure it gives her such pleasure for you to receive and wear her old fashions. Both dressy outfits you describe sound beautiful and classy.

I so love those big old houses in the old photo - huge, deep porches, lots of steps up to the porch and I'm sure tall ceilings. Sigh...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Rosie said...

Make sure you show the pic to your Grandma and get the full story on it while you can! I have so many pictures that I can't ID people in because my Grandma passed away when I was only 12 and I didn't have the forsight to ask! :) What sweet memories you can hand down in your family tree.