Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How About An Outfit Post?

I can't believe how long I have been away from blogging! So much has been going on here; grad school is keeping me VERY busy. But, the good news is that the semester ends in exactly 17 days and I CANNOT wait!!!

This photo is back from October when I attended the vintage clothing expo. I bought two dresses and a suit, which I still need to photograph! I also need to take in the suit jacket and replace the zipper and button on the skirt. I got the suit for a major deal though, only $20 (it was a deal considering how high everything was priced at this thing). It's early 50s and is the most lovely grey color. Photos of my finds to follow.

I love this dress... and so did many of the dealers at the expo. :)


Dress: Lost and Found Vintage

Shoes, Earrings, & Bakelite Bracelet: Estate Sales

Purse: St. Louis Estate Sale

Hat: St. Louis Antique Mall

Belt: Target


Pattie - Chicagoland, IL said...

I can't tell you how jealous I am of the fabulous outfit you put together! You always look so sharp and pulled together. I do believe you are becoming my style mentor!

Mick said...

You look fab! Just like you walked out of the 50's!

Stefanie Valentine said...

Gorgeous dress, I agree with Pattie that you always look so put together. Wonderful!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous dress! You look great in it. Your hair is so cute too--I love the bangs! They really suit you.

Decades a Go-Go said...

Love love love it!!! You look great!!

C said...

That's so funny that you have the same dress!! Do you have a picture of it online? You should send it to me and I'll do a post about it. I think it's soo funny when I find doubles of the same item!

Sweet Agatha said...

Have just found your blog and realised your from MI! My sister lives there and I have spent long summers over in Royal Oak, noticed in your post you bought the dress from Lost and Found I love that place! I use to bike down there in the summer! Great outfit btw x

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