Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Weekend Uniform

These last few weeks of summer have been keeping me super busy and away from my computer. Since I did not have any classes this summer to take, I have really taken advantage of enjoying a lazy school free summer.

This past weekend was jam packed with lost of estate sale shopping and a trip to Eastern Market, a large farmers market in Detroit. I didn't find anything too spectacular at the estate sales, but the beau did score a really awesome hanging lamp that drips oil. Now we just need to figure out how to make it work..... make the oil start dripping again, that is.

The weekend also gave me a chance to wear my new Swirl, which I got on eBay for the large sum of $5 with shipping included!!! The top is a little faded and there are a few speckles of paint, but it was a great price and is perfect for estate sales and flea markets; for when I want to dress vintage but not have to worry about ruining my vintage clothing. Plus I have having pockets so I don't need to carry a purse around everywhere.


50s Swirl: eBay

Shoes: Target

40s Watch: Estate Sale