Monday, December 13, 2010

Mixing of Eras

For a recent family outing in which dressy attire was required, I decided to go monochromatic and wear all black and also mix some of my vintage pieces from different eras to create a fresh look. Besides my undergarments, my tights are the only new piece in the whole outfit -- everything else is vintage! Most of the pieces are from either the 50s or the 60s and I tried to tie the look together by doing a more of a 60s do with my hair.

I think this dress is my new favorite "little black dress." It has a high neck so it is so easy to wear almost anything over top of it, plus its sleeveless, so there aren't a bunch of layers bulking it up.

I also wore a vintage coat and gloves over the dress, but forgot to take pictures. What a good blogger I am! ;)


Dress: Lost and Found Vintage

Vintage Heels: Garage Sale

60s Earrings: Mother Fletchers

Sweater with Faux Fur Collar: Bloomfield Hills Vintage Clothing Expo

Tights: Target

Belt: Off a 40s Dress