Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some Estate Sale Goodies

It's seems that I have sort of a backlog of photos to share with you all. These past two weekends were filled with many wonderful estate sales that bought me many new treasures. The items pictured in this post were found two weekends ago. Later this week, I will show you what I found this past weekend.

Above is a cute little birdie print that I found for 50 cents. I just love birds and sort of have a collection going now. All the other finds pictured came from the same sale. My beau and I drove about an hour from where we live to attend this farmhouse sale that was packed with tons of vintage stuff. Not too many clothes though..... I did find a few pieces, but they were in pretty bad shape. I took a few dresses home with me to save and give a second lease on life.

I did, however, come across these ivory colored plastic dress clips. I doubt if they are actually ivory, but the plastic is weird. It's not bakelite, maybe celluloid? I haven't tested it yet, but the carved necklace seems like bakelite; whatever it is, I love it!! The discolored beads looks worse in the photo than they are in life.

I am not normally one for knick knacks or figurines (minus my Asian guys of course!), but this little birdie caught my eye. He's really small, about an inch or two, but isn't he cute? I don't know if I am going to keep the little doe or not, but he was too sweet to pass up for only 50 cents.
I think my absolute favorite find at this sale was Sterling Silver "E" pin. I love initial pins and having a name that starts with a vowel can tend to be hard to find. I think that "E" items are a bit on the easier side to find, since names like Evelyn and Ellen were popular back in the day. My grandma on my dad's side name was Evelyn and my Great Grandma on my mom's side name was also Evelyn (she was born in the late 1890's!). Anyways, I love this pin and gladly forked over $8 for it, a price I normally wouldn't pay for a simple pin at an estate sale. The paper its pictured on is some sort of templates that you paste on envelopes. I thought it was really interesting and would be fun to scan in and use the images.

What have you been finding?


P.S. I had a request for a close up of my scottie pin from yesterday, which lead me to the idea to share all of my bakelite. I'll do a post about that sometime next week.


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Yay I'm glad I inspired you to do a bakelite post, I need to test all the pieces of mine that I THINK are bakelite so I know for sure.

Love your weekend finds, I haven't been to estate sales in a while as they've all been 80s/contemporary lately, ew. I like initial pins too, for some reason I keep finding "R" pins, maybe for Rita? "L" seems harder to find but I do have a sparkly L pin and necklace.

Cee said...

The clips/necklace are probably bone. They have the weight of bakelite, but bakelite is molded remember, not carved. Bakelite is also coloured and doesn't discolour. The dress clips are either bone, or a plastic/resin.

Very cool find though, whatever they are made of!

Lauren Hairston said...

Looks like you've been having good luck lately! In my estate sale adventures, it seems like I have months and months of nothing and then a few weeks of really great shopping. The "E" pin is fabulous--I think worth the $8, especially since it's your initial!

SusieQT said...

I have to disagree with Rueby- Bakelite can indeed be carved; it can also be molded, as it has always been an industrial product primarily. You can find jewelry done both ways.

And "white" Bakelite does turn more of an ivory-yellow color over time. The plastic resin that makes something "Bakelite" (a brand name) contains formaldehyde which causes the plastic to yellow with age.


Hi Em!
Fun finds! The little bird is sweet! The E pin is perfect for you.

Marie said...

What a sweet little birdie! I haven't been out shopping much, other than swap shopping, so only clothes lately. Of course, that is probably a good thing for me since I will collect anything!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Tasha said...

Ooh, great haul! I particularly love the carve necklace.

Brooksie said...

Hey Emily! I got my package today - thank you so much, it was a wonderful treat to come home to today after work.

I love your necklace I have been wanting one like that for a while now. Those types of necklaces are usually made of bone but not always, I have seen some very cheep carved plastic ones too though.

With bakelite you can rub it and it absorbs heat so it will feel warm plastic does not absorb heat and does not feel warm then after rubbing on it. The bakelite after you rub on it will smell like formaldehyde (you will notice it if you have a keen sense of smell) if you rub on plastic and smell it does not smell like anything usually.

Cybron said...

What a sweet little bird
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