Monday, March 14, 2011


January marked the start of my graduate assistantship working in the classroom. Last semester, I only proctored labs, screening films for different classes. This semester, I get to be in an actual classroom, grade papers, give a few lectures, etc. It's all so exciting and much more enjoyable than my own personal graduate classes I am taking.

On the days I get to lecture, I like to dress up a bit more than normal. I find that it helps me feel more at ease being in front of the classroom and I can focus more on what I need to say. I also need to wear flats because I have to do A LOT of walking while on campus and this includes stairs. I love my heels, but they just aren't practical sometimes.

The only thing vintage about this outfit is the blouse (late 60s) and the carved bakelite scottie pin. And, even though this really isn't a vintage look, I feel it has a 40s flair to it. I wish the skirt didn't have that hideous circular belt buckle in the front, otherwise I feel it would have even more of a 40s feel to it.


Late 60s Blouse: Value World

Skirt and Flats: JC Penny

Vintage Carved Bakelite Pin: eBay


Lauren Hairston said...

I love Scotties! Too cute!

When I was in grad school, I liked working as a teaching assistant so much better than doing the graduate school stuff. I was really lucky and got a professor who trusted me and gave me free reign with tests and grading--it was a wonderful experience.

I used to wear heels while I was "at work" and pack flats for "at school." :-)

Emily said...

My advising professor is like that as well. He often springs it on me right before class that he like me to lead discussions and such. It's so much fun! what did you get your grad degree in?

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I want to see a close up of your Scottie pin! hehe. I was a TA for 3 semesters in graduate school, my students often complimented me on always being so 'dressy'. :)