Friday, March 11, 2011

Film Fashion Friday: Fashion Show February: Stolen Holiday (1937)

My Warner Archive DVDs finally came!! I have three movies for you all today and this will wrap up Fashion Show February. Next week we will return to normal broadcasting! :)


Kay Francis.....Nicky Picot
Claude Rains.....Stefan Orloff
Ian Hunter.....Tony Wayne
Alison Skipworth.....Suzanne

Directed by Michael Curtiz
Gowns by Orry-Kelly

Nicole Picot is working as a model in a Paris dress salon when she is picked by Stefan Orloff to help him convince a wealthy investor that he is well connected. She is to wear an expensive dress and dine with them because she has "class." The scheme works and both Stefan and Nicole become very wealthy over the course of a few years. Stefan is a "financier" while Nicole opens her own dress salon. But while Nicole's business is above board, Stefan's isn't, and eventually his web of deceit and fraud begins to unravel. Not always honest with her either, Stefan enlists Nicole's help one last time to avoid prison. (Taken from IMDb)

Fashion Review
I was so excited to see this movie and even more excited that Warner Archive was offering this as part of their vault collection. It really is a fabulous film!! The fashion is impeccable and as with many films I feature on this series, I want every outfit. :) Kay Francis really has the figure to show off these wonderful 30s fashions and I have grown a new appreciation for her! I really recommend checking ut some of her 30s film; she is fabulous!

Orry-Kelly designed the gowns for this film and boy do we get to see a wide array of his talents here. I have posted on Orry-Kelly before, so I won't bore you all with the details of his life and career. Click HERE if you want to learn more. The fashion shows in this film really display Kelly's keen eye for women's fashion and demonstrate his skill of dressing the female form. I am pretty sure there is always a female present on screen in this film and Kelly takes full advantage of that, with numerous costume changes and elaborate outfits.

Fashion Show Evaluation
Not even one minute into the film and we are given a fashion kind of movie! What makes this even better is that we are presented with not one, but two fashion shows and they come before we even reach 30 minutes into the film. I really enjoyed the sequences here, which display many of the same traits that all the other fashion shows in this series present. I found each of the shows to be a bit like the one in Mrs. Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008), where we have some one on a microphone describing the outfits. This is something that definitely sets these shows apart from the rest. What also sets it apart from some of the other shows in these types of films, is the fashion show really is just for the audience. We are drawn in and there are minimal cuts away from the show, which is great for us vintage fashion lovers -- we really get to see each outfit in detail! :)

Stolen Holiday is available on DVD through the Warner Archive Collection.