Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Thrifting Tip and Deal of the Day

Unmarked Rhinestone Clip Ons

Almost every Thursday I visit my local Salvation Army. This is because on Thursdays it is "students day" where anyone with a student ID received 25% off their items excluding the orange tagged collectables. Most of the time I get the 25% off of jewelry too, it depends on who is working the counter, so I tend to keep track of who is there before I look at the jewelry and fall in love with something. I am pretty sure almost every Salvation Army has a "students day" and it really is awesome, if you have a student ID. So that is my thrifting tip, see if your Salvation Army has a students day. I also like to ask other thrift stores if they give a student discount, most of the time they say no, but will knock 10% off my total purchase. It never hurts to ask!

Unmarked Rhinestone Screwbacks

I find that at most thrift stores, it is pretty hit or miss with the jewelry. However, the one that I go to on my weekly Thursday trip always has some kind of vintage at it. Be it dishes, clothing, furniture, or jewelry, they always seem to have a decent stock of vintage to select from. Plus what is so great about this particular Salvation Army is they have a "bucks" program where if you spend $20 or more, you get $1 for every $20 you spend. So, I tend to make off like a bandit many weeks because the items are cheap to begin with, I get my 25% off, and occasionally I received extra money off with my store "bucks." I would see if your Salvation Army does this and if they don't maybe you can persuade them to start. :)

The two pairs of earring above are not marked and were about $3 each (after all discounts applied). I spotted the first pair with the pink rhinestones and leave design first, which lead me to see this pin, which was my "deal of the day" last Thursday. It is a gold filled pin with what is probably a fake pearl off to the side. I am thinking this is from the 40s, as I have seen many similar types of pins being sold as from that era. Regardless, I love the design and have been keeping an eye out for one on eBay and in my thrifting adventures. It was originally marked $14.99, however, I had one store "buck" and got my student discount applied, so it wound up being $10.49 plus tax. A pretty good deal (imo) for a gold filled pin!

I wonder what I will find this week?!



Lauren Hairston said...

I don't miss the stress of being in college, but I sure miss all the student discounts!

Great finds! I need to do some jewelry shopping...

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Even though I graduated last year I'm planning on using my student ID for years to come (shhh don't tell).

Unfortunately I don't think any of the stores in the Chicagoland area have student discounts but I'll have to ask next time (the Brown Elephant chain used to but stopped due to abuse of the system, weird).

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