Monday, March 21, 2011

My Poker Face

I couldn't resist titling this post after the Lady Gaga song. I love this dress and I found it at this awesome resale shop, which will be the next store featured in my Michigan Vintage Shopping Guide. Although the dress is kind of on the tight side, I am in love with the print, which reminds me of the novelty prints of the 1940s. Maybe I need to ditch the fabric belt and opt for a navy one. What do you think?


Late 70s Dress: Re-genration

Bakelite Bracelets and Carved Bakelite Earrings: eBay

Flats: Payless


Lauren Hairston said...

Emily! That dress is too awesome. I love the print and the cut. What a find! I have no idea about the belt, but I do think it looks great.

Kerry Curl said...

wow, that is an amazing dress! Very unusual pattern and it looks fabulous on you. x

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

The dress is amazing, I wouldn't have thought it was from the '70s, the print does look very '40s.

I usually don't wear the self-tie belt with my dresses, I favor a wide black belt or a skinny red or gold belt. It would be fun to wear a skinny red belt with this!

Mrs Amber Apple said...

Oh! You are too cute! I love it :)

Mrs Amber Apple said...

Oh! You are too cute! I love it :)