Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snow Snow Go Away

Over the weekend, we got another batch of snow. While it was just a dusting, it brought with it ice and colder temperatures. Tonight we are suppose to get more snow; again just a light dusting, but I am sure it will bring ice and cold. I wonder if Mother Nature knows it's March? I am really anxious now to get back into the swing of wearing dresses and flats. I love the spring and summer time. I find it such easier to dress and look cute with little to no effort.

Above is my kind of winter effortless outfit. I paired the dress with leggings rather than tights because I find them much easier to deal with and my uggs because they are comfy and sort of matched. I have done a lot of experimenting this winter season and have been trying hard to wear more vintage rather than just a hoodie and jeans. I'm not sure how I feel about these boots with the dress and leggings, but it kept me warm, which is rather the point, isn't it? ;)

How do you keep warm but still have a vintage feel to your outfit?


50s Swirl: eBay

Boots: Uggs

Leggings and Sweater: Target


Voodoo Stitches said...

All winter I live in my cotton vintage dresses (layered with a slip under for extra warmth) with thick cotton tights and granny boots. The over all look ends up being more 1915 then 1950 but I love the look. If it is really cold out I'll also wear a pair of wool spats with the granny boots.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I pretty much just layer like crazy-- slip, cotton shirt, vintage dress, heavy wool cardigan, heavy wool coat. Also cuddlduds thermal leggings and wool knee socks. It pretty much takes me at least 15 more minutes to get dressed in the winter. ;( In terms of shoes I wear 80s/90s laceup granny boots, they get the job done.

Did you get those super cute pairs of vintage boots (with the shoe inserts) a while back? Have you tried wearing those at all?

Lauren Hairston said...

I love cold weather, but this winter has been a bit much even for me! I think it's easier to look put-together in cooler temps by wearing a jacket or a cardigan. Honestly, I almost dread the coming of warmer weather because I feel naked without a cardigan!

MarieBayArea said...

i first read about Swirl dresses on your blog a while ago. and have since bought one. thnx for the vintage fashion lesson. love your swirl dress and cardi combo!