Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Plus Sized Vintage For Sale

I have opened my etsy shop back up. In my recent thrifting jaunts I have come across some vintage plus sized dresses that were too cute to pass up. I also have been combing through my own vintage and deciding what to keep and what to pass along to someone else to love.

To celebrate my reopening and to offer some great deals for the up coming VLV, I want to offer my readers a special offer: 25% off if you message me with the code BLOGREADER. In the next week, I plan to be adding a few more dresses, many with waists in the 40-50 in range. The discount will be good for 2 weeks.

Here's a peek at some of the items for sale.

Thanks for looking! Message me through etsy if you'd like an item reserved or put on hold for you. I do layaway too!



Kally said...

Ahh I wish I'd seen the black one before someone put it on hold! Gorgeous. Will keep a beady eye on your items... what would approx shipping per dress be to the UK? xx

Lauren Hairston said...

Those are cute dresses! It's nice to see some vintage in a size other than teeny-tiny. I'm not plus-sized (or else I would totally take that blue number off your hands), but it's good to know that not everyone 70 years ago had a 32" bust!

MarieBayArea said...

that last one is my favorite!

Sarah said...

Great idea! Finding plus sized dresses sometimes can be such a pain. I get all my new dresses from Monif C (best store ever!) but I should start looking at vintage too to add to my collection.

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