Monday, September 8, 2008

After a LONG Weekend....

I decided it was time to make some cookies I have been wanting to try out from this book:
I must say that this is a really nice book. My mom bought it recently and the other day I flipped through it. The Funfetti Cookies looked sooooo good - just had to try them.

If you'd like to try them, the recipe is really easy.

1 box of Funfetti Cake Mix; 1/3 cups of vegetable oil; 2 eggs; half of container of Funfetti frosting.

Heat oven to 375. Mix all ingredients together. Shape dough into 1-inch balls. Press flat to 1/4 in thick. Bake 6-8 minutes (9 worked the best for me). Spread frosting and enjoy!

And now for an update about the flea markets that I went to on Sunday. The one I usually go to was sort of a bust and I now know why. The second one was a weekend only type of event, two days, and HUGE!!! I saw a few vendors that are usually at the Royal Oak market. I had no idea that this flea market had been going on for a few years or that is was so big. It was probably the best one I have ever been to. I also liked that they had flyer's for next year's dates and other flea markets that are scheduled for later this fall. I found so many great deals!!

This tea towel I am keeping!! I have decided not to feel guilty about keeping vintage linens and not putting them in the booth. They take up much less space than having to store anything else. This was in almost new condition, but I still soaked it in BIZ.

I was surprised to find quite a few booths that had vintage linens and aprons. They really must becoming a trend or something. Anyways, I loved this apron and thought it would be prefect for the booth. By the way...I made my first sale there!!!

Close up of the details.

I found this one at the same place as the other apron. Isn't the pattern on the material super cute??

This was my first purchase of the day. I have been longing to buy a vintage pitcher. I always look at them no matter where I go and decided that I would get this one because the price was right - $2.00.

On to the tablecloths!! I can't believe that I found so many, in good condition, and low prices!! These were all going to go to the booth, but have since made their way to my collection.

You can't beat $4.00!!! And there were no rips or stains!!

This Christmas one was $8.00 and has one small hole and it's in a spot that is hardly noticeable.
This one was also only $4.00. There were two large yellow stains but after 2 days in BIZ, they are gone!!
Close up of the pattern!

This dresser scarf will be making its way to one of the shelves in the booth.

There were a few other items, but these were the highlights of the day!! Hope everyone is have a good week so far!!



Heidi Ann said...

That flea market must have really been something! I love seeing pictures of other blogger's finds - but then I get SO envious! Love that Christmas tablecloth, and the tea towel with the apothecary jars.
Those cookies look good, too - and made me think of the Dreyer's Take The Cake ice cream. I just tried it for the first time, and it's so colorful and different that it sounds like a good partner for Funfetti cake or cookies!

Anonymous said...

such great finds, love the pink table cloth! congrats on the sale.

Anonymous said...

Two days in Biz, huh? I'll have to remember that. Those all really are so very pretty!

Amy said...

You amaze you.

roseylittlethings said...

Hey, thanks for the award! I tagged you on my blog, come check it out.