Friday, September 26, 2008

Quick Update

This past week was super busy. Lots of homework for classes..... :( Anyways, I wanted to put the word out that Jen is hosting a swap for Vintage, Pink, and Christmas items. If any of you like that kind of stuff, I suggest you join!! This should be a lot of fun!!!

Today, my mom and I went to the American Stitches Sewing Expo. It was a lot of fun!! I bought a few things. Many stands of vintage beads did not make the post, but I can't wait to use them for something!!

I bought this pattern for this purse and cannot wait to finish my scarf so I can start this. It is felted!!!

My favorite find of the day were these vintage kimono sleeves. They are silk and the lady thought that they were from the 1930's. I have not clue what I am going to do with them, so any ideas are welcome!!!

Earlier in the week I found time to fit in a few yard sales. I got some really great stuff. All the items that made their way to the booth did not get pictures before I took them over. Oh Well!! Here are a few of my finds that I kept:

I have two of these and they have the cutest etched glass images on them. The other five went over to the booth. I only kept the glasses with the yellow rims. All of them had different colored rims with different patterns.
I also only got two of these cups. I must have a thing for cups because lately that's all I seem to be buying.
The fridge container was purchased for $1.00!!!!!! I was so excited!! Around were I live this go for big bucks and I have never wanted to pay the high prices. It is the larger size too!!! The molds are only half of what I bought. The other half of each kind went over to the booth. :)

Tomorrow, my mom and I are going to this huge flea market in Midland, Michigan which is about an hour and a half from where we live. I can't wait--the information on the website said it's one of the biggest in Michigan.