Sunday, September 7, 2008

Booth Update

So, here is a picture of the booth. I fear that you might be hearing about the booth very often for the next few posts. This is all so new and exciting for me!! I would like to thank all of you who have offered some advice!! This picture is as of Friday at closing time:
It is pretty small, but I figure I need to start somewhere. I can always add in more shelves. You are allowed to pretty much do whatever you want to your booth.

Today, my mom was at a church festival visiting a friend and she saw a tent set up like a flea market. I got a call to come over to the church, as it is right in my neighborhood. Boy was I glad I did!! I found some really great stuff there, and the grand total of money spent on purchases was an even $8.00!!

This is my favorite find there. The TV stand will be staying with me!! I love the colors and the fact that it is very good condition.

The lamps were a last minute find right before I went up to the register. This is the second milk glass vase that I have found like this, so it will go to the booth. As will the lamps and the rest of the milk glass items pictured.

These ornaments were the best bargain, $1.00 for the whole box! I have yet to sort through them all. However, I know that not all of them will make their way to the booth! :)

It seems that I am having a bit of good luck lately finding metal trays for a $1.00 or less. Although I love this one, I can't keep everything, as much as I would like this will be at the booth soon.

This is the only other item besides the TV tray that I am keeping for me. The outside of the train case is in very good condition, just needs a good cleaning. The inside should really be recovered. Yet another project to add to the long list!! :)

Here's the last find of the day. This popcorn popper has a great color and still works too!! It will be at the booth soon too!

The flea markets are sorta picking up here. I have two to attend to tomorrow and a church rummage sale that I am hoping will still be open. I passed it while driving today and didn't have time to stop.



Amy said...

Where will you put the tv tray? I like the two red lamps the best.

roseylittlethings said...

booth looks great! Fun finds too!!!

Heidi Ann said...

You found some great things! I got such a kick out of seeing your TV tray. We have the exact same ones - the set and the rack they fit onto - except ours have been well used. They still look pretty decent. I believe they were a give-away years ago (40 or more yrs.) when you purchased a color TV. My husband's family had an appliance store in town for many years, and that's where they came from. i have a small space (shelf) in an antiques shop, too. Just a single bookshelf about 32" inches wide and 6' tall. I'm curious how much you pay for your space?

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Emily - thank you for letting me know about the space rent. Mine is $25 a month, plus 10% commission, and we have to pay the credit card fees when someone pays that way. I've done it for 5&1/2 years, I think. I also sell on ebay, and I've considered etsy but haven't tried that yet.

Anonymous said...

If I had to pick a number one blog, this would be top three.

Vintage Hunter said...

Congrats on opening your booth! So fun. I love that t.v. tray that you found!

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