Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sales, Sales, Sales!!!

With making the decision to open the booth, I have been attending more sales lately. Even though my space is very small (pictures to come in the next post), I still have A LOT of empty space that I should fill. I feel like the more I have in there, the better my chances are of someone stopping to actually look in my small space! :) Today I attended an estate sale that I found on Craigslist. I was surprised when I got there that it was a real estate sale. I have found that many times, sales are miss-listed. are all the goodies I have gotten over the past week or so. (I got some aprons for a quarter each and forgot to take pictures before they went to the booth).
The blue and gold flowered vase I got at a garage sale for $1.00 along with the glasses, they were $3.00 for a set of four. The milk glass candle stick holder I got for free at a garage sale!! Under that are some saucers that I got for 50 cents each. I found the lamp today at the estate sale. It was my second most expensive item at $2.00 and it does work!! I doubt that any of these items will make it to the booth...I think I like them all too much!! :)

I was excited that the estate sale had a whole bunch of hard cover books for only 50 cents each. I looked through all of them and only came up with this English book. It will be going to the booth. So will the curler bag that is still in its original packaging, which was the cheapest thing I got at the estate sale, 25 cents. The ornaments I found there as well, however, I am going to go through my collection, so they may or may not male their way to the booth.

I loved this rack with I saw it from the curb at a yard sale. I got for my booth, but then realized since my space is so small it would take up a lot of valuable room. I really liked that it folds up. It might be used at some future craft shows. The wash board was purchased at the same sale for $1.00. The wash bucket I got at a different sale for $2.00. I am thinking of using them as a display in the booth.

This I got also for free at the same sale that I got the milk glass candle holder. I still debating if I should keep it or not.

This sweater was my splurge at the estate sale: $5.00. Here it is drying.

The picnic basket was also another free item. I got it at the sale with the rack. I bent down to look at it and the lady said that she was about to put it at the curb when I started to look at it, so if I wanted it, it was free!!!! The thermos was a dollar and I can't wait to use it for cold nights watching Adam coach football!! The mini pans were a steal at 75 cents for all four. I can't wait to make some mini loaves of zucchini bread! I got the basket at the estate sale for 25 cents. I am going to use it in the booth for displaying Christmas ornaments. The purses I also got at the estate sale for a dollar each. They will head off to the booth.

This has to be my favorite find all week. It was found at the estate sale for $1.00. There is some small amounts of rust and sealer that has worn away, but it is in overall good condition. I have been looking for one of these for the longest time and I finally found one in my price range!!!

Tomorrow I am hoping to get over to the booth to add more items and some decorations and take some pictures for the blog! Hope everyone enjoys their Friday!!



Anonymous said...

WOW, you got so much GREAT stuff. I had a small booth in CA and I loved it. I stuffed it full and it seemed to work. I Love the glasses and the pink saucers, I have one saucer like it and hope some day to find a whole set of dishes. The picnic basket is a steal. I think it is a redman, and at antique stores they sell for a lot of $$$. I finally found that knitting pattern, now I just need to photocopy it and drop it in the mail to you:) Hows the scarf coming along??

Amy said...

I really like the sweater. What are you going to wear it with? Have you been sewing lately?

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