Monday, December 21, 2009

The Snow is Here!!

I want to start off my post by sending a thank you out to Leah over at Storybook Ranch. I won her giveaway and on Friday I received it in the mail. Since then, this cute vintage inspired magnet has been on my fridge and my family has had some fun playing around with all the different adjectives. Thank you soo much Leah!!! :)
Last week, Metro Detroit Michigan finally saw some snow that actually stuck to the ground. I love snow this time of year but don't care too much for it once school starts back up and I have to commute in it. We have less than an inch on the ground where I live, but the forecast is calling for more snow around Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!! :) Yesterday I got dressed up to go out and do a little shopping. I recently purchased some stocking at Nordstroms with the seam up the back and I wanted to try them out. I found this dress in my closest; I had nearly forgot about it! After wearing it yesterday, I realized why it doesn't get worn too often, the top part had a hard time staying closed (as you may be able to see in the picture). I even pinned it with still no luck. Oh well, maybe I will trade it in for a different dress soon.

Hat, Shoes, & Bag: eBay

Dress: Mother Fletchers

Gloves: Estate Sale

Belt: JC Penny

Stockings: Nordstroms



emma wallace said...

Too bad the dress isn't comfortable- it's so lovely and you look gorgeous in it!


Hi Em,
The dress is great and love your stockings. You are so cute and sure have fun with your clothes :)
Deb :)

happileah said...

yay! You LOOK fabulous, too!

Those stockings would drive me crazy, I would probably not stop checking to make sure the stripes were straight.

Amy said...

What a doll!! I can't believe "she's mine."


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Neat, I didn't know Nordstroms was selling seamed stockings-- I'll have to go check that out when I get back to Chicago.