Friday, December 11, 2009

Film Fashion Friday: Since You Went Away (1944)

So, I have a mini obsession with Joseph Cotten, which is reflected in this week's picks for Film Fashion Friday. I apologize now for the lack of pictures. I got both of these films through Netflix and sent them back before I took stills from them. Anyways, the main film is Since You Went Away (1944). This has an all star cast including Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, an older Shirley Temple and of course...Joseph Cotten!!! The story revolves around the girls (mother and two daughters) and how they cope when their father/husband enlists in WWII. There is a great love story between Jones and Robert Walker, who was her ex-husband in real life. I have never been a huge fan of young Shirley Temple and this was the first "older" Shirley film I had seen. I must say that I am now a fan...but only of old Shirley. :) She has great clothes and shoes in this film (and in the honorable mention, too) and I really loved her hair too. I am going to have to study them and try to attempt one of her styles soon!!

Elmer Ellsworth was in charge of the wardrobe for this film and really did a good job. What many may not know is Ellsworth helped in the wardrobe department on some really great films such as Gone with the Wind, Marked Woman, and The Petrified Forest.

Both films this week take place during Christmas and both have great dance party scenes, making both film a must see!!!
I am sure many have seen I'll Be Seeing You (1944), it is a Christmas classic of sorts. Although Ginger doesn't have many different costumes (she mostly appears in one suit with different blouses) there is a great New Years scene that features a lot of lovely ball gowns. The extras are also very well dressed in this film. Edith Head was in charge of Ginger's clothing which shows some of her signature touches.

Next week I am going to try and round up some more films that take place at Christmas time!!