Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Green Glamour

For a long time now, I have been on the look out for the perfect vintage vanity set. Last summer, I found a sterling silver brush and comb set at an antique mall sidewalk sale for $4. It was a reproduction, but that was okay by me because I wouldn't feel bad if something happened to it while I cleaned it.

Last week, while lurking around on eBay, I came across this vintage set, for only $15!!!! The mirror is in perfect condition -- no cracks or dark spots!! It is vintage celluloid and has such a lovely design. I am thinking it might be from the mid to late '20s because of the button hook, but if anyone has a better guess, let me know!! This set kind of matches the power jar I found at a flea market over the summer. My brush and comb don't really match, but I don't mind. I am planning on looking for a comb to match this set and possibly a silver mirror to match the other. A girl can never have too many vanity sets....can she??



Leilani said...

What a wonderful set, surprisingly I still don't have a nice vanity set... I have a few older silver mirrors and one brush/comb from the late '60s. Yet another thing for me to look for on my vintage adventures. ;)

Heidi Ann said...

One certainly cannot have too many vanity sets. I love those, too. That is a beautiful green set!

Amy said...

How do you find this stuff? Can I borrow it? Have it? Please...PLEASE?

Just kidding....I thought a little role reversal would be fun.