Friday, December 11, 2009

A Big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week one of my readers contacted me because she came across a pair of vintage shoes she thought I'd like. Rosie over at Pondicherry Cottage works at a thrift store and last week the above shoes came into her store. I told Rosie I would love to add the shoes to my collection and she promptly sent me a box packed full of vintage Christmas goodies!!!! Rosie, being the extremely sweet gal that she is, sent me all the goodies as a Christmas present!!!! She wasn't sure if the shoes would fit and when I got the box yesterday and tried on the shoes, they fit like a dream...a perfect fit!!! Now I cannot wait until warmer weather to take these cuties for swing around the block. Rosie also sent along a vintage apron, tablecloth, and runner; which all coordinate so well together. My mom loves the runner and I have a feeling it might adorn our Christmas table for dinner this year!! Rosie also sent a vintage corsage that is still in the box and a vintage Santa's boot which was filled with candy, but I have since devoured it all and have placed the sweet little Christmas hankie she sent in it. This was such a lovely surprise!!!!! I am so grateful to have such sweet and generous readers out there!!!

Thank You SOOOOOO Much Rosie!!!!!! I Love Everything!!!!!!!



Pam Kueber said...

Woah,those shoes are awesome!!! What a lovely and considerate gift!

Amy said...

You are blessed to have made such lovely friends through your blog. Those red shoes are the sweetest in person!


Heidi Ann said...

No wonder you love everything- it all looks wonderful! Those shoes are to die for! And speaking of wonderful, I received my fabulous giveaway goodies! Thank you SO much- I love everything, too!

Rosie said...

They FIT! Just like Cinderella! Glad you are happy with the goodies!