Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!!!

If you didn't notice, I stole my entry title from an N'SYNC song. Their Christmas album is still among one of my favorites. :) Anyways.... Merry Christmas!! I hope Santa brought everyone something special!!

This is what I wore to church last night. I decided on wearing my "Joan" dress. I got this dress a year before Mad Men even aired on TV. Then one night, to my surprise, I was watching an episode and saw Joan wearing my dress...or something very very similar. Mine doesn't have the buttons or as low of a neckline, but is similar nonetheless. I almost wore this dress for Halloween. :) I went with this over the other two choices because I wanted to keep with tradition and wear my Great-Grandma's coat; I have been wearing it to church on Christmas Eve for several years now. I feel they go together well -- almost like they were made for each other. So this year it was a "Mad Men Christmas."

Dress: TJ's Sweet Repeats (They are no longer in business)

Purse, Earrings, Shoes: Estate Sales

Pin, Bracelet, Coat: Great-Grandma's

Belt: Kohls

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! May your day be joyful and bright!!



Marie said...

Merry Christmas, love the pretty red for the holidays! That dress is so pretty I would want to wear it weekly!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Amy said...

Emily, you looked fabulous last night. It was a good feeling having you sitting with me during the "interesting" evening ;) You are the best!


Heidi Ann said...

An absolutely gorgeous Christmas ensemble, Emily- just beautiful.
P.S. I wore my vintage red coat tonight, too!

Heidi Ann said...

Oh - and I forgot to say that our green beans last night for Christmas Eve dinner were served in my lovely white bubble bowl you sent me from your giveaway! Thank you again.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

How funny I thought "Joan!!!" as soon as I saw your photo... love the dress and the coat! I couldn't find a cute red/green/blue dress this year so I went black but wore a red coat trimmed in fur, very similar to yours. :) I'll post a pic on my blog soon for comparison.