Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pretty Pinks

This past Thursday, my mom and I ventured out to the farmland of Michigan to attend a once in a lifetime estate sale at a farmhouse. This sale was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! It contained three to four generations of vintage goodies and everything was truly "priced to sell." The sale's description said there were over 100 "movie quality" clothing items from the 40's to the 60's. My mom came along to help me get some new items for my closet. She did a great job of picking out some wonderful pieces!! I have to say the majority of the clothing was 30's/40's farm dresses, and I picked up quite a few. They work well with cardigans and I want to pick up a pair of boots like the ladies wear in The Edge of Love.

The lady or ladies of the house were seamstresses and there were a lot of vintage patterns and fabric, both of which were added to my purchase. They also made a lot of their clothing and saved everything....even if it was torn or was no longer wearable. I came home with two whole bags of stuff the first day and another bag two days later when the items were at a discounted price. I was so elated to cross off a few things from my look out list, including vintage heel over boots and a high waisted girdle.

The robe in the above picture was one of the hand-sewn items and is well made. The cream top in the picture next to the robe is also from the sale. It is a pajama top dating probably to the early '40s based on the label. My mom treated me to both--Thanks Mom!!!!

These pictures are from the weekend and I am just now getting around to posting about them. It's finals week and I have been crazy busy with studying and paper writing...Saturday I regain my life!! :) This past weekend I also tried out a new hairdo to go with my new clothes!! I hadn't done pin curls in a while, so I set my hair with those and styled some faux bangs. I really enjoyed the faux bangs and plan on doing them again soon!!!

Most of my following outfits will be of the clothes I picked up at this estate sale...stay tuned!! :)


Picture One
Robe and Head Scarf: Estate Sales

Picture Two
Top: Estate Sale

Sweater: American Eagle

Jeans: Levi's

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack


Michelle {Miss Strawberry Shortgirl} said...

AWESOME!!! I think I want to be your neighbor! (So I could follow you around the all the crazy estate sales you go to!) ^_~

KatB said...

Hey, I live in the farmland (Galesburg/Augusta area) wilds of Michigan and I never hear about estate sales - how do you find those?

Rosie said...

You did GOOD! Can't wait to see some more pics of your estate sale finds. I love your cute hairstyle! You should be receiving a "surprise pkg" in the mail any day now. I sent it on Wed! Merry Christmas!

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