Tuesday, December 8, 2009

70th Anniversary Gone with the Wind Box Set Review

I am finally getting around to posting this review!! I wanted to watch all of the extras included in the box set so I could make a fair assessment of this edition of Gone with the Wind. When I found out that this and the Wizard of Oz were going to have 70th anniversary box sets, both available on Blue Ray, I was super excited. When I went out to get the sets (my mom was treating for Christmas) Costco only had the Wizard of Oz on both Blue Ray and DVD; GWTW was only on DVD. Since I already own Wizard of Oz on DVD, I opted to get that one on Blue Ray and just stuck with the DVD version for GWTW. Anyways, to my understanding, both films were rescanned to create the Blue Ray version. I have not yet opened the Wizard of Oz one (my mom is waiting until Christmas for me to open that one), but I will tell you that the picture on GWTW is impeccable, even for just being a DVD.

I had been waiting to replace my VHS version and am so glad I waited for this box set. I have a guilty pleasure of made-for-TV movies and was super thrilled when I found out that included in this box set was the 1980 made-for-TV movie, The Scarlett O'Hara War. I have been trying to locate a copy of that for A LONG TIME!! This made the whole box set worth it, in my opinion. There is also a feature length documentary on 1939, "Hollywood's greatest year." This was very interesting and informative. Three of the five DVDs contained all the extra material and were well put together, giving a lot of information that many may or many not know. It was also nice to take peeks at some of the numerous screen tests. There are many clips of Paulette Goddard and Vivien Leigh, among others.
The box set also contains many of what Warner Bros are calling "collectables." These include ten watercolor reprints of the sets, a 52 page coffee table book, copies of some of the correspondence from David O. Selznick, a reproduction copy of the 1939 program and a "bonus" CD soundtrack sampler. Everything is high quality. My favorite picks are the book and the program. Both have really nice touches and photos, along with some great historical information.

I give this set a 5/5 only because of my made-for-TV movie obsession. The "collector" items are nice, but mine will stay in the box. Someone who isn't a diehard fan could live without all of these and could definitely get away with the older box set for a much cheaper price. I believe this box set cost $46 at Costco, and for me was totally worth it (again because of my NEED for the made-for-TV moive it contained). I also want to note that the packaging it comes it is really superb, complete with velvet exteriors and interiors - it really is a nice presentation.

If anyone has any questions about the set, ask away!!! It's always nice to be able to ask someone who already owns a box set any particulars before they purchase it.

Oh!! These box sets are in limited edition and this time I really believe this is true. Mine is numbered and there were only 10 other sets at Costco when I bought mine and they didn't have anymore in stock (I asked because I was interested in a Blue Ray edition, which no Costco in Michigan has, so if you live in MI you might have to get that online). So, I suggest if you are interested in adding this to your collection to act fast!! :)