Friday, August 21, 2009

Sneak Peek...

These pictures are of the estate sale that I am going to tomorrow morning, bright and early!! I am so excited...I can hardly fall asleep (hence why I am blogging!!). The title of the sale was "Mid Century Clothes." From the pictures it looks like this lady had hundreds of shoes; almost every picture up loaded that shows a bedroom shows shoes. The listing said that the clothes are from the 40's on and many have their tags still attached. Oh can't 9 a.m. come quicker?!!

I'll post any finds later on. Wish me luck!!



The Cookbook Junkie said...

I hope everything is just your size!

I wanted to tell you that I got your package and I was so excited. The apron smelled so good! My guys all have sensitive skin so my laundry smells like, well, nothing. I can tell that you have the magic laundry touch that some people have which is probably a great thing to have when you like vintage textiles.

I'm so jealous of your vintage life. I've always like older things but before the internet, there weren't many avenues to pursue vintage items and I didn't know anyone else who 'got it'.

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