Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dream Cruise

This past Saturday was the Woodward Dream Cruise. Every third Saturday of the month of August, Woodward Avenue is jam packed with classic cars. The Dream Cruise is a long running metro Detroit tradition. For one Saturday out of the year classic car owners and enthusiasts are able to showcase their cars and enjoy cruising up and down Woodward Avenue. This year I went in the evening to check out all the vintage cars, as it was blazing hot during the day. I can't think of a year I haven't gone down to take in the festivities. When I was little, my family would all pile into the car and we would cruise all while my dad would tell us what each car was. It's such a great tradition and I hope it never ends. I also like that it gives me a chance to dress vintage without people staring or asking questions!

Now for a hair update! Friday, as planned, I went over to the salon to enjoy a full day of beauty treatments. My experience was less than satisfactory. The only thing I was pleased with was my eye brow waxing. I took in four pictures of how I wanted my hair, including a diagram of how to cut the middy. I ask the girl to set my hair and she told me that they didn't have rollers for that. I politely asked again and she went into the back and got the rollers. She proceeded to roll my hair and used so much water that I knew it would take at least two hours under the dyer to dry. I also got a manicure and a pedicure. Both were a mess. The girl doing that painted my nails as if she had never done it before. I had to redo it myself when I got home. Then, the girl who was doing my hair informed the nail stylist that she had to leave and that the nail stylist was to comb out my hair. I ended up with a 60's look instead of the 40's look I was going for. To make matters worse, she cut my hair way too short. All in all, I was extremely disappointed. This is why I hardly ever go and get my hair done....I never end up with what I ask for. Once my hair grows out, I am thinking about getting it trimmed to take more of the shape of the middy. Any tips on what exactly I should ask the hair dresser for would be welcome!!


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roseylittlethings said...

Finding a good hair dresser is so hard. Go to the most expensive salon you can find/afford you will have better luck. Make and apt for a consultation which should be free and that way you can get a feel for the hair dresser and see if they are comfortable with what you want! Hope this helps! I have had terrible luck here, can't wait to get back to CA so my hair can get back to normal. It got cut really short this time too, not thrilled with it! Also if you are not happy, you can complain and they should fix it for free!