Thursday, August 27, 2009

The New Hair

Last night I decided it was time to try out the new hair cut. I parted it down the left side for a side part and rolled it with some medium sized sponge rollers. I have seen a lot of really great online tutorials for how to get vintage hair -- their tips are great! In case you wondered how I rolled mine, here's how I did it. On my left side (the one with less hair) I only used two rollers, on my right I used four (two for the bottom layer and two for the top), and the back I use four as well (again two for each layer). I used a bit of moose for setting lotion and this time I rolled downward. I didn't roll my bangs because they are an awkward shape and length...I'm still not quite sure what I will do with them. Right now the plan is to just let them grow out. I combed out the curls and use a dab of Freeze-Eze. I was pretty happy with the outcome. It was quick and easy and very manageable.

Today I was itching to wear a pair of my new wedges that I got at the last estate sale I went to, so I pulled out this 50's light weight dress. I keep forgetting I have it because when I bought it most of the rhinestones were missing from the buttons. For a quick solution, I just took some average craft store plastic rhinestones and glued them to the center of each button. I removed the other rhinestones first and saved them. I figure that they might be of use if I find a dress that is only missing one or two. This dress also was missing its bet, so I took the one off my new 40's suit that I also got at the last estate sale. This belt looks a lot better with it than my wide navy belt.

I also tried out my new glasses today. My old pair had seen better days so I had to order a new pair. I wasn't thrilled with the selection of glasses, but I picked out these with the hopes of trying something new out. They are shaped different than my old pair and I am still getting use to them, but I do like them!

Dress: Mother Fletchers
Under Dress: Paris
Shoes: Estate Sale
Belt: Estate Sale