Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lunch with Grandma

My grandma is on the right and her sister Frances is on the left in both pictures.

Yesterday, my mom had my grandma's aunt and niece over for a visit and some lunch. My mom and I had a great time getting everything put together for the day. She planned the menu and I was in charge of finding a tablecloth to match her good dishes. After I found the cloth, I realized that it would match these plates perfectly. So out from storage they came and were used for the first time as me as their new owner. We also used my mom's pink oyster and pearl relish dish. She received it from her mother. I actually bought myself one a year ago. I loved my mom's so much, I just couldn't pass it up. My grandma had a nice visit with her sister and I had a fun time finally getting to put some of my vintage find to good use. I think the ladies liked seeing the crisp tablecloth and matching dishes on the table. I hope it reminded them of years past.



Amy said...

I love the new blog look, Emily. Thanks for your help with the lunch and for letting me borrow your beautiful tablecloth and dishes.

Love you,

Wanda said...

That'll be such a sweet memory for you. Your "cherish" under the picture is so right. We need to cherish the older generation. Um... Excuse me. I need to to visit my dad.