Friday, October 24, 2008

Some Recent Finds

In order to try and catch up and put away and organize all my recent finds, I thought I'd share some of my favorites that were found over the last month. I was a busy girl this October; two flea markets, many garage sales and estate sales. I was checking out craigslist last night and came across two promising estate sales for Saturday! Anyways, on to the stuff!!
I got this set of six napkins at the last flea market I went to. As I was ironing them, I decided that I would how on to them for a while until I made up my mind as to if I really want to keep them or not.
I was sooooo thrilled when I found this coat. This lady was having a really nice yard sale of mostly vintage items and had a few coats like this. I liked this one the best and it was only $20.00!! I went to my favorite dry cleaners and they did the whole coat --fur and all-- for only $8.00. So the whole thing cost me less than $30.00 which is much cheaper than buying a new winter coat!!
These are the few button cards that I have kept. The rest that I have found, which have been many lately, have gone over to the booth.

This was my splurge at the last flea market I went to. I really liked it and it was at the second booth we stopped at. I decided that if it was still there when I went to leave, it would come home with me. I talked the lady down to $20.00. She said that she thought the table was from the turn of the century but I think its a little newer than that. Any thoughts?? My mom went with me to this flea market too!! See her finds HERE.
I have been wanting a window like this for a lonnnnng time. I was sooo excited when the lady had the price of $7.50 on it. I don't know whether I am going to hang it up or make a table out of it.

These boxes of vintage ornaments haven't made their way to the booth yet. I am waiting till November 1st to put out all my Christmas stuff that I have been putting together.

I am so glad today is Friday! I had a busy week at school and next week at school is going to be just as busy, but I am going to try and get a lot of my homework done tonight so I won't be so busy this next week. And maybe I'll be able to get some of my sewing projects done!! :)



roseylittlethings said...

love the sewing table!!!!!

Amy said...

The more I look at the coat, the more I like it. Maybe I can borrow it in a year! Love you, kiddo.

Cheryl Ann said...

I have a piano stool like yours, only mine is darker wood. And yes, I actually used it with my piano! Now I have it in the house (no longer have a piano...:-(

Heidi Ann said...

Absolutely LOVE your pretty blue coat!! My vintage coats are my favorites - in fact, I will never buy new; not only do I not need one, but I like the old ones better anyway. I was lucky to find a lovely brown one with a fur collar at a thrift store last year for $12. Your blue on is just beautiful.

Protector of Vintage said...

Love everything you found!! I tried the link to your Mom's items, but it didn't work. May be a problem on my end.

Shara said...

I bought a vintage swing coat yesterday. My first coat purchase. I am going to list minethough and not keep it. You can emial me at about the molds if you still want them (I just got your most recent comment). I do like the jingle bell tablecloth, so if you want molds (I have loads of aprons too), email me!

Unknown said...

What a cute coat! You'll look so fashionable in it this winter. And that window is SO awesome--and what a great price!

I'm so glad I found your blog link again through Jen's blog. I lost your link and I was trying to find LivinG vintage with no luck! LOL I put you in my bloglines so now I won't lose you again. :)

KB said...

Here's another idea for your window!! I did mine a few years ago and just love it... Go to my blog and I will post up my picture and a how to!

Vintage Hunter said...

Love the old window. I've been wanting one to put on my mantle for holiday decorating but haven't come across the right one yet.

Amy said...

Now I think I want a window for the living room...what do you think?


Hi Em,
I mailed out your Christmas box today and think you should receive it by the weekend...sure hope there is something that you like:)
Merry Christmas, early!!

Judi said...

Oh I wish I could find bulbs like that!! I am always looking and NEVER finding :0(

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