Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vintage Pink Christmas Swap

I am participating in Jen's swap and she asked us to answer these questions to help our partners get to know us a little bit better.
1. What is your favorite Christmas decoration?
Since I don't have a home of my own yet, my favorite decoration that my mom puts up is our vintage fake Christmas tree. Every year, my dad and I put it together. It's the kind that each branch has to be put in on its own. My mom got it from her mother and they use to put it up when she was a little girl.

2. What colors/themes do you decorate for Christmas?
When I get my own house, I can't wait to decorate for the holidays!! I have a vintage silver feather tree from my grandma. I have been collecting little lighter green ornaments to go with it. I also have a white tree in my hope chest that I would like to either put pink or blue ornaments on.

3. What Christmas item would you love to have?
I would love to have a vintage feather tree topper. I can't seem to find any around were I live.

4. Favorite goodie & hot drink?
I love french fries. Since I am a Weight Watcher....that is a goodie to me :) I am not much of a hot drink person other than hot chocolate.

5. Are you a crafter? If so what crafts do you do?
I am a crafter. I like to do everything!! I scrapbook, sew, knit, and anything else that peeks my interest.

6. What is your favorite pink item in your home?
I have to confess that pink is not my number one favorite color--yellow is. favorite pink item would be my Miss America Depression Plates!!

7. What do you collect?
Oh My!!! Where do I begin?? Here's just a few things, mind you they are all vintage: apron, linens, glass, patterns, magazines....basically anything vintage or retro!!!

8. Do you have special family traditions for the holidays?
My family does so many wonderful things during the holidays. Some of my favorites are baking with my mom and grandma, Thanksgiving Day, putting up the decorations, and going to church all together on Christmas Eve.
I hope this helps Deb!!



Yes, that helps alot:) I don't have many pink items except for some chintz china that has pink in it and a couple of tea cups...
I did the craft show this weekend and will do a post tonight and I will send an email about my answers to the questions...I'm feeling like I don't have enough time in the day..thanks for some good ideas for the swap.
Deb :)


Hi Emily,
I just did a long post and added the questions from come on over and visit me:)

Anonymous said...

Miss Emily, you are the best! I received my surprise yesterday and almost cried! I LOVE IT! I will be posting about it either sunday or monday! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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