Friday, October 3, 2008

Busy Busy

This past week I have neglected writing in my blog, but I promise it has been for a very good reason!! There have been so many sales listed on Craigslist that looked promising and I am still trying to sort all my stuff out from the flea market my mom and I went to. I have always loved vintage and old stuff, but just recently got into the whole flea market thing. I was so excited when I began to discover them popping up all over the area!! Anyways...this past one on Saturday truly was the very best I have ever been to thus far. It was the size of at least 3 or 4 football fields and that was just the antiques. There was another area for a vintage car show and for old car parts. My mom and I had a great time! She found some vintage apron patterns, which I plan to sneak away from here to make a few when I get a chance!!! I haven't even taken pictures of all the stuff I got. Some vintage magazines, a swanky swig, and vintage buttons on the cards didn't make the post. Today I managed to get to two estate sales and a thrift store, along with a flea market that we passed by that we didn't know what there. The picture above is what I received in the mail today--my vintage pattern swap from coveredbuttons on Swap-Bot. I was sooooo thrilled with the package!!! I can't wait to make one of the dresses...they were just my thing!!!

Now on to all the goods!!!

I have been on a search for a wall my price range. This fit the bill at $3.00. It's a little darker in person.
This is my favorite find in a long while. She isn't perfect that's why I picked her up for only $3.50!!!!!!!!!!!! There is some paint missing for her hair in the back, but who's going to see that??? She was found at the flea market.
This little Dapper Do set was a surprise find at the flea market. It was in a basket of all linens and has never been used. While I don't have any babies yet, this will be added to my hope chest for just a dollar.
I bought these lamps at the flea market originally for the booth, but realized when I got home how well they match all my decor in my room. Some for a dollar each......they will stay with me!!

This is the only purchase of the day at the flea market that will make its way to the booth, even though I love the jingle bells design.
I am not normally into the smock aprons, but after I tried this on, I had to keep it. It fit like a glove!! (Sorry the picture is facing the wrong way).
Here is the rest of the flea market finds still soaking since Saturday. There is a vintage full apron, tablecloth, and tea towel all waiting to get clean!!

On to the estate sales!!

These cards and window clings were found at sale one. They will all make their way to the booth, minus a few cards for my collection!!

I also found the book at sale one. The patterns were found with the plate at a Value World we passed by on our way home. I am soo thrilled with these plates. I got four for $5.15. They are Depression--Cameo and my books valued them between $12 and $20 each!!! I am for sure keeping these as they will look good with the few Jade pieces I have!!
This chips and dip set will also make its way to the booth. It is in the original box and has never been used!!!
I have always admired fellow bloggers who find boxes like this and talk about how they had a great time sorting them out. That's really the only reason, along with the vintage spools of thread, that I picked up this box at sale two today. There ended up being 14 spools that are now in a clear glass jar. I have such fun going through it all!!

Tomorrow, I am joining my mom and grandma on a visit to my grandma's sister's for a birthday visit. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!



Protector of Vintage said...

Wow! You found some wonderful treasures!! Wish I could shop in your booth. Take care~

Amy said...

I still like the gold chip and dip best. Memories from my youth, for sure. Sneak away the patterns, you say.........

Myra said...

Wow, the patterns you got, I have the one with the green and brown dresses and contemplating making it, even the same size. The one with red and white dresses, if you are selling it, let me know. I love it and size is right.

Anonymous said...

Everything you got is wonderful!!!!!! I am having junking withdrawals!!

Beth Leintz said...

That sewing box looks like it had a lot of fun in it!

Shara said...

Emily - Drop me a line at monkeybox @ juno dot com about what JellO molds you are interested in from today's post. Maybe we could work out a swap or a trade - I love some of your recent tablecloth finds, if they are up for sale - so if you want to trade let me know!

Celestial Charms said...

You found some lovely treasures. My favorite is the coat, because my grandmother used to have one just like that many years ago. I just can't remember what color she had!

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