Saturday, August 16, 2008

Winnings and Yard Sales

Yesterday I received my giveaway from Nikki at The Hunt for Vintage. I was sooo excited!!! I loved everything!! So here's what was in my package:

I love this little key holder. On the back there is writing that says it was a Christmas gift from the 1950's!
This would have to be my favorite item!! I collect vintage aprons and this is my first half apron and I can't wait to wear it!!

I was so excited about the milk bottle caps!! I have a collection of vintage milk bottles that these will go great with.

Nikki got everything right!!! I love vintage linens and have a growling collection.

Today I had to get up early and head over to my school to take a final for my summer class. I am sooooo glad that that class is over. It was a health sciences class and not my thing. I am film major and this fall I will be taking all film classes...can't wait!!! On my way home, I spotted a couple of yard sales and decided to stop. I got lucky....I was able to get everything you see in the next picture for $1.75!!!!!!!!!!!

This piece I got for 50 cents!! I am planning on taking it apart and painting the parts where the paint has worn away. I'll post a picture of how it comes out later.

These little glasses I got with the small ones all for 25 cents!! I think they will make nice tea lites! I don't know what I am going to do with the smalls ones yet...any ideas??

These bowls I got at the same sale as the glasses above. These were also 25 cents for both. (The people holding that sale had everything maked half off).

This dish is maked Anchor Hocking on the back...a sticker!! However, I think someone glued a lid to a candy dish or something to the center. I am going to try and remove it. This dish I got at the same sale as the first item. It was also 50 cents. I don't know if you can see it, but it's the grape pattern. I love milk glass!

This I got at the last sale I stopped at. It was marked 50 cents but I asked the lady if she would take half because she keep saying make an offer. She accepted. It does have the hook to put the dip dish in, however, it is bent and I had a hard time getting the dish out. So for now, I will just keep it separate.

Now I am headed off to the fabric store to get a pattern and material for a dress for the wedding Adam and I have Saturday. I had gotten a retro one, but changed my mind. I want something a little more fattering. I just want to thank Nikki again for the great job with the giveaway. I really loved everything!!!!